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Reminder: Fireworks No Longer Legal in Lynnwood

City officials would like to remind Lynnwood residents that discharging fireworks, even the 'safe and sane' variety, is no longer legal in Lynnwood city limits. In addition to being illegal, this year's unusually dry weather conditions make fireworks extremely dangerous, even a small spark could ignite a fire. The Lynnwood Fire Department and other local fire departments have already battled numerous fires caused by fireworks.

Both the Lynnwood Police Department and Lynnwood Fire Department will have extra patrols and crews available on and around the holiday due to an expected increase in call volume. Residents are reminded to call 911 in case of a police or fire emergency or to report fireworks violations.

On June 17, 2014, the Lynnwood City Council adopted Ordinance 3066 which prohibits the sale and discharge of fireworks in the city, effective in 2015. Unlawful use and possession of fireworks will result in confiscation and/or criminal charges.

Ordinance 3066 pertains only to properties within Lynnwood City limits. To check if your property is within city limits, use our interactive map Do I Live In Lynnwood?

City officials are urging resident to enjoy a local firework show hosted by one of our many neighboring cities. Visit our events calendar for a listing of local shows at www.lynnwoodwa.gov/events-and-meetings.  

Julie Moore, Manager of Communications & Public Affairs