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Snohomish County Municipal Courts Add to Bench Warrant

Do you have an outstanding warrant with any of the municipal courts in Snohomish County?

Municipal Courts in Marysville, Everett, Lynnwood, Monroe, Bothell and Edmonds are teaming up to put your mind at ease. The courts have a program that may recall your bench warrant – no questions asked.

“For example, if you live in Lynnwood but have a warrant in Marysville, you can go to your local court in Lynnwood,” says Suzanne Elsner, Marysville Municipal Court Administrator. “If you are eligible, the Lynnwood staff can help you recall your Marysville warrant.”

Elsner says that court administrators in Snohomish County came up with the idea a couple of years ago. “Back then, three courts participated; now it is all municipal courts in the county, including Bothell.”

People who have an outstanding bench warrant from any of the municipal courts in Snohomish County may be eligible, and can drop by any of the municipal courts to clear their warrant. Clearing a bench warrant with the court – if it is recallable - requires a one-time payment of $50 or $100 (cash only), depending on the court that issued the warrant.

Typically, a judge issues a bench warrant when a person fails to appear in court when they promised to do so, Elsner says. The warrant gives law enforcement the immediate ability to arrest that person.

“The warrant recall is a voluntary administrative program intended to help you take care of your business with the court,” Elsner says. “One concern people have is that they will be taken into custody when they appear at the court; however, court staff do not have the authority to arrest.”

If you think you have an outstanding warrant and would like to recall the warrant, contact your local court. Here is contact information for the participating courts: Everett Municipal Court, 3028 Wetmore Ave, 425-257-8778; Edmonds Municipal Court, 250 5th Ave, 425-771-0210; Lynnwood Municipal Court, 19321 44th Ave W, 425-670-5100; Monroe Municipal Court, 806 West Main, 360-863-4548 and Bothell Municipal Court, 10116 NE 183rd St, 425-487-5587.

*This press release was originally sent by the City of Marysville.


Paulette Revoir, Court Administrator
City of Lynnwood Municipal Court