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Taste and Odor in Drinking Water Issues Do Not Impact Safety

On June 30, 2015, the City of Everett released a statement regarding numerous reports of unpleasant water tastes and odors. The statement says "an algae bloom in Lake Champlain Reservoir - the drinking water source for much of Snohmish County - has resulted in numerous reports of unpleasant water tastes or odors. Everett staff is working to resolve the issue, which is purely aesthetic and has no impact on the safety of the drinking water." The full press release is posted to our website for your viewing. The City of Lynnwood's water comes from the City of Everett's Spada Lake Reservoir, which is located at the headwaters of the Sultan River and the Sultan Basin Watershed.

From Spada Lake Reservoir, the water flows through a tunnel and pipeline to Chaplain Reservoir where it is held in preparation for treatment at the nearby City of Everett Treatment Plant. After treatment, your drinking water is pumped to Alderwood Water District facilities in South Everett. The District transports the drinking water to reservoirs just north of Lynnwood. The Lynnwood distrubution system is supplied from these reservoirs. Each year, the City of Lynnwood publishes an Annual Water Quality Report which is available online at www.lynnwoodwa.gov/AnnualWaterReport.