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Art Exhibits


Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall
Christy Kruse & Heinz Grossrieder (Sept 11 – Oct 22)

Flow103Christy Kruse

Christy Kruse is an artist originally from Seattle, WA. She always loved drawing and taking pictures from a young age. She studied fine arts at the University of South Australia, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and the University of Washington where she completed the Scientific Illustration Program. Her photography has been published in Black & White Magazine. Christy has displayed her work at the Burke Museum in Seattle, WA. and received a second place award on the DP Challenge. She currently resides just outside of Seattle with her husband, toddler son and newborn baby girl.


Christy talks about her art:
My art shimmers gold specks of light that peak through photographic images like joy seeping through endless sorrow. In learning to process the loss of my father and then my son, the identical twin of my surviving son, I capture breadths of light and focus in on the individual beauty of an image which allows gold to shine through. With each piece, gold leaf is applied like paint on paper requiring several days to cure. When the final piece is revealed the imperfections recall my personal experience with love and loss. It is my hope that each person who views my work will find peace as I have while creating them.

Pine Eagle (photo by artist)


Heinz Grossrieder

My work is mostly abstract, and also indirectly about change and recycling.  My flow, slash, and swirl painting series are all latex on canvas and I use recycled latex house paint as it is a green material and I like the idea that I can recycle something into another thing. My chandelier series is similar in that I often start by using an old chandelier as a base and then change it and develop it into something totally different and unique. My messages series continues this theme of recycling, change and changing one thing into another as I cut out words, phrases and quotes from magazines and other printed matter and then assemble them into a collage to create something totally different and unique.

Heinz talks about his art:
I like the idea that there are multiple ways of seeing things and that people can have a positive emotional reaction to the work. I enjoy it when people look at my work and tell me what they see in it. I also like the idea that I can change something from one thing to another; I can recycle something and make it beautiful and valuable in a new way.

Flow 103 (photo by artist)


Lynnwood City Hall, 19100 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036, 425-670-5000
Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5pm. Evening hours: Mondays (except 1/2, 1/16, 2/20, 5/29, 7/4, 9/4,11/23, 11/24, 12/25) and third Wednesdays, 6:30-9pm.

Upcoming exhibits 2018   

10/23 BethAnn Lawson & Monica Bretherton
12/4 EdCC   


Youth Art Gallery at Lynnwood Recreation Center
Jasmine & Sophie Zhang (August 4 - Sept 22)

jasmine_zhang_webJasmine Zhang is a rising Senior in Redmond High School.  She has been learning art since she was 5 years old.  She has been a Jury accepted artist for Kenmore Art show in the past five years and her oil painting “Time and Space” got Mayor’s award in the 2018 Kenmore Art show.  Her oil painting “Rocks” and “Paper Crane over Volcanos” were also chosen to display in Bellevue Art Museum in 2016 and in 2018 as part of the “20 under 20” program.  In her leisure time, she likes reading, playing violin and playing video games.

Jasmine speaks about her art: I have been studying art since I was five. To me, art is a way for me capture the beauty of nature and share with an audience a deeper story that can not necessarily be told in words. I work mostly with oil paints and love landscapes.

"Time and Space(photo by the artist).





Sophie Zhang is 11 years rising 6th grader at Redmond Middle School.  Sophie started drawing at age of 5.  Her works has been displayed in Lynwood Rec Center Art Gallery in 2016 and 2017.  She has been a Jury accepted artist for Kenmore Art show in the past 3 years and made her first art sale in the event.  Her drawings has won 1st place in Kenmore Youth Art show in 2014 and 2017, as well as Committed Award in Kirkland Summer Festival Young Art Show 2015.    In her leisure time, she enjoys doodling, reading and music.

Sophie speaks about her art: I started to learn art when I was five.  I enjoy group lessons in Art Studios and I am also taking private lessons from Mr. Gao Long.  I mostly draw with colored pencils, but I also use pen and pencil. My favorite things to draw is still life.  Jars, flowers, fruits are all my favorite objects.

"Wanderer(photo by the artist).


Lynnwood Rec Center, 18900 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036, (425) 670-5732
Monday - Friday 5:30am - 9:30pm, Saturday 7:00am - 9:00pm, Sunday 9:30am - 6:30pm


EGGS-plore Lynnwood

all eggs center - web


Thanks to everyone who participated.

We look forward to 2019 EGGS-plore.

EGGS-plore Lynnwood is a collaboration with the Lynnwood Parks & Recreation Foundation. It is supported in part by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission & the National Endowment for the Arts.


Korean American Artists Association of Washington State (KAAW)
City Hall - Council Chambers Gallery



Artist from KAAW: Carolyn Hae Yeon Lee

About The Korean American Artists Association of Washington State (KAAW) 

KAAW is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by local Korean Immigrants. The mission of KAAW is to encourage and support Korean American Artists in the region in the pursuit of artistic endeavor in order to enrich both personal and community life. In 1994, KAAW expanded its mission to promote and celebrate Diversity through Pacific Northwest Student Art Competition open to K-12, for all ethnic backgrounds. In 2010, KAAW celebrated its 20th anniversary by hosting a special event and exhibition. From 2014, KAAW created several committees to encourage and enhance member involvement, and beginning 2015, KAAW actively supported and participated in several community events and greatly expanded its memberships with many talented artists in the WA area. This year, KAAW exhibits twice for the first time in a year and celebrates the 5th year of "Johsel Namkung Scholarship" award.




Past Exhibits

Check out some of the artists that have shown in our galleries.


Artist Opportunities

Artists, you are invited to apply to exhibit at City Hall Gallery in 2019.
Young artists at Recreation Center Gallery in 2019.
Applications due September 30, 2018.

City Hall Gallery application (word)
City Hall Gallery application (pdf)

Recreation Center Gallery application (word)
Recreation Center Gallery application (pdf)



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Artists, performers, makers, crafters, chefs, gardeners, and other creatives, please tell us how we can best serve you. Fill out a short survey (less than 5 minutes), suggest a fun idea, and you may win a $500 grant to make the idea happen.