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Lynnwood Community Stories

Meet some of the co-creators who live and work in our city, and give their time and energy to benefit our community.

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Fred Wong
Community Programs Coordinator
Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts

We went out to the community and talked with some of the people who work everyday to make our community a better place. We hope you enjoy meeting them briefly.




Are you interested in volunteering? Hear why these co-creators volunteer their time.



Meet Shanon Tysland of Experience Momentum,
who cares about giving back in every part of his life.





Meet George Kosovich of Verdant,
who cares about the health of the community.




Meet Rosario Reyes of the Latino Educational Training Institute,
who cares about social & economic justice.




Meet Shirley Sutton, City Councilmember,
who cares about making connection swith people.