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Ready, Set, Learn!

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Lynnwood Recreation Center
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What is Ready, Set, Learn?

The Ready, Set, Learn preschool program is a “PLAY” oriented program for students who are potty trained and turn 3 by August 31, 2017. We will Introduce preschool concepts such as circle time, sharing, large and small group times that will help get them ready for Pre-K the following year and set them up for success in Pre-K, Kindergarten and beyond!  Ready, Set, Learn! will complement our existing Pre-K programs and run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30-3pm.

What types of activities are included throughout the day?
The daily routine and activities are listed below. Routines provide an element of structure and consistency for young learners. However, we reserve the right to deviate from the routine to capitalize on teachable moments.

45 minutes Learning Centers/Free Choice
15 minutes Bathroom/Clean-up/Transition  
15 minutes Snack (provided by the program)
15 minutes Circle Time/Large Group activity
45 Minutes Enrichment & Playground
15 minutes Story Time/Parent pick-up 

About our Staff
The Ready, Set, Learn Preschool teachers are what make our program so special. They are dedicated recreational and educational professionals who love working with young children. Each brings to the program unique talents, skills and abilities, and of course their training in early childhood / elementary education. Their creative energy is the key to all of our Kids Klub Preschool programs. We have a 1:10 ratio in our classroom with a maximum of 20 students. Read more about each of our amazing teachers in our Kids Klub Parent Handbook.

Where is Ready, Set, Learn located?
The Ready, Set, Learn preschool program is located at the Lynnwood Recreation Center in Room 101. Our spacious classroom is set-up daily with your preschooler in mind….

  • Colorful posters, carpets and bean bags make the room warm and inviting.
  • Play Centers vary everyday with hands-on stations such as art, blocks, reading, dramatic play, and much more!
  • Cubbies are available so that each child has a place in the room that belongs to him or her.
  • The playground area is conveniently located outside the classroom.
  • A Parent Resource Center is available with various helpful books and articles.

What are the admission requirements for the Kids Klub Preschool program?
Children enrolling in the Kids Klub program must meet the following requirements:

  • Potty Training
    Children must have independent toileting skills prior to the start of the program. Independent toilet skills involves many steps from the child such as undressing, going, wiping, dressing, flushing, and hand washing. Staff do not assist in this process. Fully potty-trained children do not wear pull-ups.
  • Separation from Parents
    Children should be able to separate from their parents naturally without being overly anxious (i.e. crying or screaming hysterically.) We are committed to making the separation from your child as easy and comfortable as possible. An adjustment time will be implemented for the first two weeks. This time is set aside to observe and help your child adjust to the program by engaging the child in activities of their interest. We also encourage parents to be actively involved in the transition period after dropping their child off. Children who exhibit ongoing parent separation anxiety may not be ready for preschool. They may need additional time to develop.
  • Enrollment Length
    Once registered for the Ready, Set, Learn Preschool program you are enrolled for the duration of the whole school year. Children are not allowed to switch classes throughout the year.

Ages 3-4 (Children must be three years old by August 31st or four years old but not entering Pre-K.)

When is open-enrollment for Kids Klub Preschool registration? 
Children who are planning to attend preschool the following year are strongly encouraged to take part in “Early Bird Registration”. This process allows parents the opportunity to reserve a spot in one of our Fall classes by paying a non-refundable deposit ($45). There is a high demand for our preschool programs so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Preschool tours begin in February to prospective parents who are interested in enrolling their child for the upcoming year. Early Bird Registration is open to current and prospective preschool parents. Once Early Bird Registration ends, the next registration window will not happen again until August. New student registration takes place each month starting on the 16th from September through April. No new students will be admitted after April.

How much is tuition?
Parents must register their child and pay a flat monthly tuition for September through May. Tuition costs are listed below and are subject to change.

  • Ready, Set, Learn: $245/$210* (Resident Discount)

Call us to schedule a tour at (425) 670-5386.

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