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Art Exhibits



EGGS-plore Lynnwood - EGG Hunt city wide is on
27 EGGS, 27 Locations
Find eggs - Win Prizes. Fun for the whole family.

Use our fun cell phone app to hunt: www.EggsLynnwood.com

Paper maps are available at the Lynnwood Recreation Center.



Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall
Byori Hwang & Josh Harriman (Feb 12 to March 26)

byori_hwang_webByori Hwang is an artist originally from South Korea living in Washington. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Drawing and Painting at the University of Washington in 2014. She has studied art since young age and specialized in realistic rendering of what she sees. When she is not painting, she grabs a pencil and works on her illustrations. Her favorite mediums are pencil and oils. More of her works can be seen at byoriart.com. She is good at making things with her hands. She has experiences in working as an art instructor and a cake decorator. Currently, she is a graphic designer at a print shop in Bellevue.


Byori speaks about her work:
Through my paintings, I try to portray how geometric shapes and natural objects create certain moods. Sometimes, they create harmony. Other times, one of them tries to win the other. I have lived in two di¬fferent countries and traveled a lot of places. I have learned that cities and societies are formed in regard to surrounding nature. Buildings evoke the uniqueness of an environment in which they are built based on climate, topography, and available resources. I do not believe there is a such distinctive boundary between nature and cities. Cities are also part of the nature so do human-created inventions. Trees growing in front of flawlessly polished wall, flowers blooming between blocks of concrete, a succulent in a small pot residing in my hollow living room, I am enjoying them sincerely.


Josh HarrimanHarriman_Josh_1_web

I am an oil painter/graphic storyteller originally from Rhode Island. I graduated with an MFA from Tufts University in Boston in 2015. I received my BFA in painting and printmaking from Rhode Island College in 2013 and received the Art department’s special talent award. In May 2011 I had the opportunity to spend one month at Vermont Studio Center as an artist-in-residence. I did another residency with Rome Art Program in the summer of 2014. I have exhibited work in juried exhibitions and group shows throughout the Northeast and internationally. I currently live and work in Seattle.



Josh speaks about his work:
My latest series of oil paintings depict fictional landscapes that are influenced by science fiction novels and cinema, as well as daily observations of the cityscape. The creatures that inhabit these landscapes are composed of distinct parts and come from a variety of sources: machine, animal, human. These “chimeras” form a network, which also connects with the surrounding environment. For this series I am worked in oil on prepared paper as well as canvas.

My process begins with gathering source material which consists of iPhone photos taken by me, drawings done from observation, images found online, and photo collage. I build compositions out of this source material both in photoshop and in hand-drawn pencil sketches.


Lynnwood City Hall, 19100 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036, 425-670-5000
Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5pm. Evening hours: Mondays (except for holidays) and third Wednesdays, 6:30-9pm.

Upcoming exhibits 2019

3/26 Camille Christenson & Rohini Mathur
5/7 Eggs-plore Lynnwood     
6/18 McKenna Ihde & Ronald Wang
7/30 Seth Sexton & Chris Buckley
9/10 Paws with Cause     
10/22 Meline Saftalyan & Vanessa Baird
12/3 EdCC Art Students     



Youth Art Gallery at Lynnwood Recreation Center
Serena Cai (Mar 9 - April 27)

fish_webSerena Cai is a Chinese-American freshman attending International Community School, a middle/high school centered around literature and the arts. She has been taking art classes for ten years, and art classes at ICS for three years. Born in San Diego but raised in Washington State, her surroundings influence her art as well as many of the masters, such as Dalí, Van Gogh and Monet (not really, but she really appreciates their work).

Serena speaks about her art: Personally, I like to work in a range of media and styles, because I believe that working with one material to be boring, and one style to be far too simplistic and simply not unique enough. Even though I create art in a variety of ways, ink is still one of my favorites, as well as pencil. I hope that in the future, I will be able to master the rest. 

"Fish named Gill (photo by the artist).


Upcoming exhibits 2019  

4/27 Thumper Lin
6/15 Emily Chen
8/3 Claire Yuan
9/21 Kyra Li
11/16 Ally Gong

Lynnwood Rec Center, 18900 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036, (425) 670-5732
Monday - Friday 5:30am - 9:30pm, Saturday 7:00am - 9:00pm, Sunday 9:30am - 6:30pm


Korean American Artists Association of Washington State (KAAW)
City Hall - Council Chambers Gallery


Hyosoon Jung - web

Artist from KAAW: Hyosoon Jung

About The Korean American Artists Association of Washington State (KAAW) 

KAAW is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by local Korean Immigrants. The mission of KAAW is to encourage and support Korean American Artists in the region in the pursuit of artistic endeavor in order to enrich both personal and community life. In 1994, KAAW expanded its mission to promote and celebrate Diversity through Pacific Northwest Student Art Competition open to K-12, for all ethnic backgrounds. In 2010, KAAW celebrated its 20th anniversary by hosting a special event and exhibition. From 2014, KAAW created several committees to encourage and enhance member involvement, and beginning 2015, KAAW actively supported and participated in several community events and greatly expanded its memberships with many talented artists in the WA area. This year, KAAW exhibits twice for the first time in a year and celebrates the 5th year of "Johsel Namkung Scholarship" award.




Past Exhibits

Check out some of the artists that have shown in our galleries.


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