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Art Exhibits


Artist Opportunities:

Our galleries are accepting applications for exhibits in 2018. City Hall is for artists of all ages. Rec Center Gallery is for young artists under 18. Deadline is September 30, 2017.
City Hall Gallery Application (word)
City Hall Gallery Application (pdf)

Rec Center Gallery Application (word)
Rec Center Gallery Application (pdf)


Art Gallery at Lynnwood City Hall
Kellie Moeller & Yvette Neumann (July 18 - August 29, 2017)

Broken Wings_Kellie Moeller web

Kellie Moeller, a native of Washington, currently lives in Bothell, is a member of the City of Bothell Arts & Festivals Commission and has been passionate about letters for more than 35 years. You can find her work on exhibition at a local venues and at several local juried shows.  Kellie teaches small group Calligraphy and Mixed Media classes through Girlfriendgatherings.com, Seattle’s Lifelong Recreation, and Shoreline Arts.  When she is not doing Calligraphy, she is a full time Communications & Marketing Consultant.
You can find more of Kellie’s work at www.salt-lightcalligraphy.com and on her Facebook page www.facebook.com/salt.lightcalligraphy

About Kellie's art:

Kellie’s artwork brings thoughts to paper with praise and ink.  She humbly creates in response to contemplative moments spent in devotional meditation and finding beauty in her daily river walks.  She seeks to draw people towards contemplation of faith and mirth. Having lived many years in South America, the cultural warmth of Venezuela heavily influences texture and color choices in each piece.

As a mixed media artist, Kellie incorporates a variety of materials and processes. Each artistic adventure is predisposed to modern and ancient Calligraphy and Asemic writing, a poetic form of lettering. The subject matter, often discovered in the ancient wisdom of godly character, dictates the type of medium used.

Broken Wings by Kellie Moeller (photo by artist)


yvette - web

Yvette Neumann is a Bellingham artist, specializing in abstract and contemporary work. Originally from South Africa, the decision to pursue a more simplified life is what propelled Yvette Neumann to step away from a thriving business career and take up painting seriously in 2007. Art making has always been an integral part of Neumann’s life, and expansive studies in glass, woodworking, weaving, sculpture, pottery, and indigenous arts around the world have all contributed to coalescing and defining her painting style and technique. Drawing inspiration from daily life, objects, moods, and physical features – not so much because of what they are, but because of questions they inspire, her engineering and technical design training allow her to channel and express ideas in unconventional and unexpected ways.  Exhibited regularly Northwest galleries and museums, her work is in private and corporate collection across the United States, and in Australia and Canada. She is the owner/operator of Yvette Neumann Fine Art LLC, a fine arts company, and Creative Life Adventures NW, an experiential tourism company, specializing in painting workshops and other art-making adventures. Visitors can tour her art/gallery studio in Whatcom County by appointment. www.yvetteneumann.com and www.creativelifeadventuresnw.com 

More than a random accumulation of careless brushstrokes, Abstract art is simply a divine form of expression. Unlike realistic styles of art which typically describe recognizable subjects, the viewer is free to concentrate on isolated strengths of form, texture, and color to arrive at their own understanding, their own meaning and connection. I am deeply drawn to abstraction for all its freedom and simplicity – which is so much harder than it looks.

Yvette Neumann talks about her art:

Generally non-representational, my work encourages emotional response and interpretation without the need for a recognizable subject. I use color, form, and texture to express ideas and states of mind, and to tell unique stories about the intangible qualities of landscapes, along with ordinary things. The viewer is left with a counter-intuitive dilemma: how to receive the visual language before them, when they cannot be sure what the subject is.  Dissolving the barrier between people’s inner and outer worlds is usually what I’m aiming for, and there’s enormous appeal in distilling everyday experience down to basic, elements and parts. At a time when the rapid rate of change easily outpaces human capacity to process modern life, I offer another variation of reality for people to consider. In the process, I am learning to let go of complexity and detail and training, without really letting go at all.

Mesa by Yvette Neumann (photo by artist)


Lynnwood City Hall, 19100 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036, 425-670-5000
Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5pm. Evening hours: Mondays (except 1/2, 1/16, 2/20, 5/29, 7/4, 9/4,11/23, 11/24, 12/25) and third Wednesdays, 6:30-9pm.

Upcoming exhibits 2017

8/29  Jan Tervonen & Matilda Kim 
10/10  Tara McDermott & Tatiana Garmendia 
11/28  Students of EdCC   



Youth Art Gallery at Lynnwood Recreation Center
Amanda Mitchell & Alex Zhao (August 5 - September 9, 2017)

amanda web alex web
Amanda Mitchell, "The Light Between Oceans" & Alex Zhao, "The Great Old Twig" (photo credit by the artists).

Amanda Mitchell

The surroundings and sounds around me, they all influence me to paint and draw. I currently take art lesson with my art teacher Gao Long. I plan on trying to have an Art Gallery in High School. I am now a Freshman in high school, also taking painting and drawing.

Amanda speaks about her art: I absolutely love to paint and draw! Creating landscape paintings and drawings are my true passion. Painting and drawing landscapes help to calm me and bring me to another world, it just really speaks to me. As an artist, I try to create beautiful and inspiration painting, that really speak to both me and others who come across my paintings. When I see the picture or scene I am painting for drawing, I try to imagine myself in that very spot, to help me improve my paintings quality. Painting and drawing are my true passions.

Alex Zhao

Alex, 10 years old, is a rising 6th grader. He has many interests, including art, mathematics, and saxophone, among others. By now, he has been studying art for three years. Alex particularly enjoys sketching, and he has been using colored pencil for quite some time. Now, Alex is very confident in his artwork. He is glad that he is able to share his artwork with people, and hopes that they will appreciate it.

Alex speaks about his art: This artwork was created for different reasons. One is an elegant, aged twig. I created it to express how it seemed like an “aged and elderly” stick, and yet it was still beautiful. Another picture is an old, wooden door. My purpose, like before, was to show how aged things could be elegant, however this time through the birth of other, also beautiful, things (in this case, overgrown flowers). Several drawings also show how perspective and shape can “shape” the artwork’s outcome. A square vase, a set of a clay duck and turtle, and also a milk jug among others, which all skillfully portray the importance of shape, size and lighting. Another artwork, a landscape, shows the importance of perspective and lighting, and a black-and-white, shadow-less pen drawing of a fallen, and yet still beautiful dead twig still with leaves and flowers barely hanging on.



Lynnwood Rec Center, 18900 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036, (425) 670-5732
Monday - Friday 5:30am - 9:30pm, Saturday 7:00am - 9:00pm, Sunday 9:30am - 6:30pm

Upcoming exhibits 2017

9/9 Jasmine Zhang & Sophie Zhang
10/14 Amy Wang & Larissa Yue
11/18 Katherine Mao & Ziqi Xu


Korean American Artists Association of Washington State (KAAW)
City Hall - Council Chambers Gallery



Artist from KAAW: Jae W Kim

About The Korean American Artists Association of Washington State (KAAW) 

KAAW is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by local Korean Immigrants. The mission of KAAW is to encourage and support Korean American Artists in the region in the pursuit of artistic endeavor in order to enrich both personal and community life. In 1994, KAAW expanded its mission to promote and celebrate Diversity through Pacific Northwest Student Art Competition open to K-12, for all ethnic backgrounds. In 2010, KAAW celebrated its 20th anniversary by hosting a special event and exhibition. From 2014, KAAW created several committees to encourage and enhance member involvement, and beginning 2015, KAAW actively supported and participated in several community events and greatly expanded its memberships with many talented artists in the WA area. This year, KAAW exhibits twice for the first time in a year and celebrates the 5th year of "Johsel Namkung Scholarship" award.




Past Exhibits

Check out some of the artists that have shown in our galleries.


Artist Opportunities


Our galleries are accepting applications for exhibits in 2018. City Hall is for artists of all ages. Rec Center Gallery is for young artists under 18. Deadline is September 30, 2017.
City Hall Gallery Application (word)
City Hall Gallery Application (pdf)

Rec Center Gallery Application (word)
Rec Center Gallery Application (pdf)


Questions, please email arts@lynnwoodwa.gov