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Mesika Trail

Mesika TrailCivic Center Campus
19100 44th Avenue West
Local Trail - 0.3 miles

The Mesika Trail is a soft surface, loop trail that follows a seasonal stream in the forested greenbelt behind City Hall on the Civic Center campus. The greenbelt features mature evergreen and deciduous trees, and a dense understory of native shrubs and snags which provide habitat for the existing wildlife and bird community.

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  • Soft Surface Pedestrian Trail
  • Seasonal Stream
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Benches
  • ADA Accessible


The Mesika Trail was built in 1995 by the City of Lynnwood and students from Meadowdale High School.  The name Mesika (pronounced mee-sye-kah) is a Chinook word that means “yours,” and is used to denote ownership – as in “This is your trail.”