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Park Rules & Policies

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Lynnwood's parks are open from dawn to dusk. 

Park Rules are posted in all parks.

The following are prohibited in Lynnwood's parks:

  • Possession or use of alcohol or drugs
  • Possession or use of fireworks
  • Destruction or removal of park property or vegetation
  • Misconduct or unnecessary roughness
  • Unauthorized sale of merchandise, food or services
  • Soliciting
  • Motorized vehicles other than in designated parking areas
  • Open fires other than in approved barbecue pits
  • Dumping of garbage other than in approved receptacles
  • Golfing other than at an approved facility
  • Unscheduled team play at Meadowdale Playfields
  • Livestock or other hoofed animals
  • Overnight camping

Violation of any of the above is a misdemeanor and will be enforced by citation or arrest.

Dogs in Parks

  • Dogs are allowed in Lynnwood's parks and trails, except Meadowdale Playfields.
  • Dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times except at the designated Off-Leash Dog Area in Lynndale Park.
  • Please pick up after your dog and deposit waste in appropriate receptacles.

"For Our Kids" - Tobacco Free Parks

All of Lynnwood's parks are tobacco-free.  In 2005 the City, in a joint effort with Snohomish Health District, declared its parks and ballfields tobacco-free as part of an educational campaign to protect children from exposure to the harmful effects of secondhand tobacco smoke. Tobacco-free signs are installed at all Lynnwood’s parks and ball fields.

Pesticide Policy

In accordance with the City Pesticide and Fertilizer Use Policy, the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department employs Integrated Pest Management techniques to manage grass areas at acceptable levels to provide healthy public recreational opportunities with the minimum use of fertilizers and pesticides, and to minimize public and employee exposure to pesticides.