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What is Adopt-a-Trail?

Lynnwood’s Adopt-a-Trail Program was developed to create partnerships between volunteer groups and the City of Lynnwood as a way for the public to be actively involved in conserving and maintaining the many trails in parks throughout Lynnwood.

How does the Adopt-a-Trail Program work?

To get started, you will need to submit an application to become a Trail Ambassadors with city staff. Prior to adopting a trail, all trail ambassadors are required to attend a training; the adopt-a-trail training is held twice a year by city staff. Applicants will be placed on a waiting list until the next training date is scheduled. 

By adopting a trail, Trail Ambassadors will commit to: 

  1. Maintain and monitor a trail segment (minimum of .5 mile segment) for a minimum two-year commitment
  2. Inspect their adopted trail segment once per month and provide the program coordinator with a monthly report
  3. Perform a larger 'trail service project' at least once a year with Lynnwood Parks and Recreation staff.  This may include:
    o Identify and pull invasive plants
    o Clear debris from trail 
    o Add surfacing when needed, such as crushed rock, mulch or bark 
    o Cut back vegetation from encroaching on trail (within 4 ft standard) 
    o Pull weeds 
    o Clean graffiti off surfaces 
    o Pick up litter 
    o Report any damages 
    o Occasional plantings 
    o Repaint benches, picnic tables & wood signs 
  4. Complete annual report on activities, and track hours.

In return the City of Lynnwood will install trail signage identifying the volunteer group that adopted the trail.

Please contact Eric Peterson, epeterson@lynnwoodwa.gov for more information.