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Scriber Lake Park

Scriber Lake Park 2

5322 198th Street Southwest
Community Park / Open Space - 22 Acres

Scriber Lake Park is a quiet natural refuge that has been preserved in the center of Lynnwood. Scriber Lake and its associated wetlands are located within this urban forest. The lake provides important habitat for fish, waterfowl, songbirds and small mammals, and is also regulated as a stormwater holding facility.

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  • Scriber Lake
  • Associated Wetlands
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Floating Boardwalk
  • Observation Nodes
  • Interpretive Signs
  • Walking Trails (0.8-mile)
  • Scriber Creek Trail Access
  • Picnic Areas
  • Restrooms
  • Parking

Public Art

Benches: Artist, Michele Van Slyke. Welded steel benches and stools. 


In 1890, Alderwood Manor pioneer Paul Schreiber homesteaded 160 acres that included this park site. The lake eventually became known as "Scriber" Lake. At one time there was a resort at the west end of the lake, built by the Barklay family, with a dance hall, rental cabins and swimming pool. In 1966, 196th Street SW was widened, reducing the size of the lake and compromising the water quality. In 1982, the City of Lynnwood purchased 22 acres which included the lake, to protect this natural area as a community park.

The first phase of improvements at Scriber Lake Park was completed in May 2013. The lake's original dock, built in 1981, has been replaced with a new floating boardwalk made of environmentally friendly materials that are less costly to maintain and will have a long lifespan. Follow the pathway to the lake, have a seat on the "public art" benches on the boardwalk, and enjoy the peaceful views of the lake.

Scriber Lake Phosphorus Reduction

During the spring of 2016, the Public Works Department applied a treatment to Scriber Lake to reduce phosphorus within the lake and improve water clarity, increase dissolved oxygen levels, and reduce the frequency of algae blooms. The City has sampled the lake over time and hired a consultant, TetraTech, to determine the best alternatives for improving water quality at Scriber Lake. The recommendation from the consultant was to treat the lake with aluminum sulfate, commonly known as “alum,” in order to reduce the phosphorus content in the lake and help improve water quality. 2016 was the first year of alum treatment, to be followed by two or three years of subsequent low-dose annual treatments. For more information, click here to visit the Public Works project page.

Future Development

In 2005, the City of Lynnwood completed a Master Plan for the renovation of Scriber Lake Park that addresses the park's recreation potential, public safety, wildlife habitat and water quality. The Master Plan proposes improvements to the park's entrance points, enhanced views through and into the park, 196th streetscape enhancement, trail system improvements, extension of the Scriber Creek Trail, a new over-water boardwalk, interpretive signage, picnic shelters, natural play areas, enhanced wildlife habitat, environmental education opportunities, water quality improvements, protection of the peat bog system, and vegetation management. 

Click here to view the entire Scriber Lake Park Master Plan

The Master Plan provides guidelines for future phased development, which is contingent on the availability of  funding. In the meantime, efforts continue to make the park a safer and more enjoyable environment for visitors. The Lynnwood Police Department regularly patrols the park, the Parks Department controls vegetation to improve visibility, and community volunteer groups remove invasive plant species that threaten the park's natural environment.