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Meet Clark the Shark

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 Clark the Shark

How did Clark become our mascot?
Clark is very friendly Salmon shark but all the creatures in Puget Sound are scared of him because he feeds on fish. After all, he does get hungry. So, he wanted to have people to talk to. One day, he was swimming near Meadowdale Beach when he spotted a strange, dark blob. When he swam up to it he discovered it was a hole. Curious, Clark swam into the hole. He swam a long time when finally he saw light ahead. All of a sudden, Clark came bursting out of the hole landing in a giant blue tube. Clark rode the slide and splash landed into the Recreation Center pool. When he emerged from the slide, Clark was surrounded by all sorts of friendly people who welcomed him to the pool saying, "Hey, we have been looking for a mascot. We'd love you to be a volunteer!" Clark agreed and became the Lynnwood Recreation Center's official mascot. Clark loves it here! 
Clark's biography was provided by Sarah H, 9 yrs

When can I meet Clark the Shark? 
Clark greets everyone who comes to the Recreation Center at the front door and can help measure your height to see if you are tall enough to enjoy a ride down the body or inner tube slides. 

Can I take Clark home with me?
The Lynnwood Recreation Center sells special Clark the Shark party gift bags. Clark is featured on the front of the gift bags and inside you'll find a Clark magnet and special activity sheet. Gift bags are sold at Customer Service of $1/bag.  

Clark Trivia
Place of Birth:
Brown's Bay, Puget Sound

Favorite Color: Green! Not only is it the color of my favorite slide but I love that the Rec Center is a LEED® Silver certified green building.

Favorite Video: I love watching the Take the Plunge video about the pools on the City of Lynnwood's YouTube channel.

Favorite Game: I enjoy racing friends down the body slide. My best time is 13.5 seconds. What's yours?

Favorite Activity: Swimming on the summer Sharks Swim Team of course!

Favorite Quote: A lifejacket never ruined a day on the water.

Favorite Tip: Did you know you could skip the line if you have an annual pass? Shhhh....

Aspirations: Helping all third graders in the Edmonds School District learn to swim with help from the Verdant Health Commission.