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City of Lynnwood Inclement Weather Update

Last updated 02/07/17 @  10:00 PM

City Services Delays / Closures / Cancellations:

  • There are no service delays, closures, or cancellations to report at this time.
  • City Employee Update:  425-670-5949. If employees have any questions, call your Supervisor or Manager.

Snow and Ice Conditions throughout the City of Lynnwood.

  • Please visit the Traffic Cameras web page to view current conditions throughout the City. Lynnwood has made an important investment in our state-of-the-art Intelligent Transportation System. A key part of this system is the cameras that view traffic conditions and control our 57 traffic signals. The public may view current street images from our cameras from this website to monitor driving conditions from the safety of your home.  
  • There are no special conditions to report at this time.
    • For a recorded message regarding snow response call 425 670-5299.

    • For questions regarding snow response during regular business hours call 425 670-5200.

    • Outside of regular business hours and on weekends and holidays, call 425 670-5230.

    •  For information regarding snow plow prioritization visit the Snow Plow Routes Information page.

Cold Weather Advice:

Weather Contact Information

Inclement Weather Hotline: 425-670-5299

For questions regarding snow during regular business hours (8:30AM to 5:00 PM): 425-670-5200

Garbage Collection Information:

Helpful Links

Traffic Cameras: view current street conditions

School/College Closings: SchoolReports.org

National Weather Service Forecast

Snohomish County Power Outages: Snohomish PUD

Garbage Collection: Waste Management or Rabanco

Ideas for other helpful links? Email the city webmaster.

About the CoL Inclement Weather Update

This update is to inform citizens and employees of the City of Lynnwood about any special conditions created by weather.

Conditions include but are not limited to power outages, snow/ice, special operating hours/closures, and/or other special conditions that might have an effect on city services.

This page is activated when ever there is the possibility of inclement weather such as wind, ice, or snow storms.