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Emergency Preparedness

Disasters may strike at any time, usually with little or no warning. In our region, we could experience extended power outages, earthquakes, storms, volcanic activity, severe weather, hazardous material releases, and other emergencies.

The City of Lynnwood is taking steps to ensure that our City workers are prepared so that we can quickly and safely respond to a variety of emergencies. The City of Lynnwood has a robust Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that can be activated in times of emergency. Lynnwood's EOC is modeled off of the National Incident Management System for Incident Command, this is the same system used by FEMA and the Washington Department of Emergency Management. City Staff members assigned to the EOC come from our Police and Fire personnel, Public Works, Executive, Parks & Recreation, and Finance departments. These individuals receive on-going training and practice table-top exercises so that in the event of an emergency, we can quickly and efficiently manage our response in terms of mitigation and recovery.

The City of Lynnwood works closely with the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) to ensure a comprehensive emergency management program for the protection of human life, property, the environment, and our region's economic health. 

In partnership with DEM, Lynnwood has prepared in the following ways: