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Customer Satisfaction Survey

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In an effort to further improve our services, the Lynnwood Fire Department has created a customer satisfaction survey to learn how we can better serve the citizens of Lynnwood.

If you have recently received service from the Lynnwood Fire Department, please take a moment to fill out the survey. If you wish to be contacted by the Lynnwood Fire Department regarding your comments on the survey, please include your contact information in the comments section of the survey. Survey results are monitored on a biweekly basis. If your need is immediate, please contact the Lynnwood Fire Department at (425) 670-5300 or email us at askLFD@LynnwoodWA.gov

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What was the nature of your 911 call?
Was the Fire Department's response timely?
Was the crew that responded to your emergency helpful?
Was the crew that responded to your emergency courteous?
How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the service you received from the Lynnwood Fire Department? (Rated from 5-very satisfied to 1-not satisfied at all)