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Regional Fire Planning Committee

In October of 2016, the Lynnwood City Council and the Snohomish County Fire District 1 Board of Commissioners adopted resolutions to form a planning committee to develop a Regional Fire Authority Plan to be presented to area voters next year.

A Regional Fire Authority (RFA) is a special purpose district created by a vote of the people to consolidate and regionalize fire and emergency services. State law provides the framework for cities, towns and fire districts to consider forming an RFA as a way to gain service efficiencies through consolidation while retaining local control. This process has been used to successfully establish RFAs throughout the country and locally in Kent, South King County, North Snohomish County, Auburn (Valley RFA), and most recently in Renton.

The Regional Fire Authority Planning Committee will consist of three Lynnwood Elected Officials: Councilmember Ian Cotton, Councilmember George Hurst, and Mayor Nicola Smith; and three Fire District 1 Commissioners: Jim Kenny, Jim McGaughey and Bob Meador. The committee will begin working on a plan to take to voters to establish a Regional Fire Authority encompassing the City of Lynnwood and Fire District 1. The plan will include proposed governance, financing, operations and service levels.

All meetings of the RFA Planning Committee will be open to the public. A website has been created to keep the public informed during this process. Please visit www.LynnwoodFD1RFA.com for more detailed information.