Report a Downed System

In effort to improve efficiency when it comes to fire life safety systems that are not operational, we have created a new form on our website to assist you as a servicing company to report these systems to our office. We are asking you, as the servicing company, to notify us via this form when you come across fire alarms, sprinklers or hood suppression systems that are inoperable, to report it to our office. We would prefer to have a written communication of these systems rather than a phone call, so we have the form readily available on our website for you to submit your findings or you may email the Fire Marshal’s Office at

 These emails will go directly to the Fire Marshal and will provide you with a quick, convenient way of notifying us in writing to ensure that these incidents do not get overlooked.

 Since this is a new system, please feel free to provide any feedback regarding the form or process as we are always open to suggestions.

 Deficiencies shall continue to be reported through Tegris, however if the system is non-operational or red tagged, we would like to be notified immediately and encourage you to use this means of communication in addition to the regular reporting methods.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

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