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VIPS - Volunteers in Public Safety

Founded in 1988 by five community-oriented individuals, this program offers a Vacation House Check service for Lynnwood residents (forms are available at the front desk of the Police Department, open 24 hrs/day). The volunteers conduct a perimeter survey of the property, check for an issues, pick up deliveries at the doors, and check on cars in the driveway. They also provide patrol shifts (extra eyes and ears for police) during the day, driving around the City both as a presence and on the lookout for suspicious activity or individuals. Additionally, some members provide clerical support to the Crime Prevention Unit as well as connect with the community during city events.

Currently, we have approximately 29 members, but are always ready to welcome others who would like to volunteer. The majority of this group are active retired individuals. Besides "giving back to the community," many of them have expressed what wonderful associations are created with other members of VIPS.

If you are interested in volunteering 2 four hour shifts per month with one monthly group meeting, please contact the Crime Prevention Section at 425 670-5635 or send an e-mail to lwellington@lynnwoodwa.gov

To apply to the VIPS program please click here. cit patrol 2015 v.3 

Citizens Patrol

The Lynnwood Police Citizens Patrol, which was formed in 1997,  is a group of approximately 50 civilian volunteers (both men and women) who, working in teams of two, assist the Police Department and City, patrol officers and the public.

Activities include:

  • Driving a high visibility deterrent patrol vehicle 
  • Directing traffic at accident scenes and during power outages
  • Bike patrol of the Interurban bike trail and city parks
  • Opening car doors for citizens who are locked out
  • Targeted patrol of problem areas such as grafitti and vandalism
  • Limited commission to write disabled parking tickets within city limits

Citizens Patrol members range in age from 21 to 66. Members volunteer at least 10 hours each month and are asked to make a year's commitment to the program.  Most members are chosen from those who attend the general 13-week Lynnwood Police Citizens Academy. In addition, they are given over 100 hours of extensive and on-going training in such topics as: use of the police radio and computer, emergency driving techniques, use of AED, assertive communication, personal safety and defensive tactics, homeland security and disaster response. Members attend monthly training meetings as well occasional social gatherings.

Each year our Citizens Patrol and VIPS members contribute over nineteen thousand hours to help make Lynnwood an even safer place to live and work. For more information please contact one of our crime prevention specialists at 425 670-5639 or 525-670-5635.

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