General Information about the Lynnwood City Jail

Visitation Days

Visitation days are Sundays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in one hour time blocks. The Inmate must have been sentenced to more than seven days or on bail hold and have already served seven days to be eligible for visitation. Please call 425.670.5600 the Saturday before after 4:00 pm to obtain the assigned visitation time for your specific inmate. All visitors must comply with the conduct and dress code.

Mailing Address for Inmates

Inmates are allowed to receive mail. Address your correspondence to an inmate as follows:
(Inmate Name)
c/o Lynnwood City Jail
P.O. Box 5008
Lynnwood, WA 98046-5008

Programs Available

The Lynnwood Jail offers alternative to jail programs for those who qualify.  The two available programs are Electronic Home Detention (EHD) and Community Service.  Detailed information on these programs is available at the Lynnwood Police Department and the Lynnwood Municipal Court.  In addition, you may call the program office phone at 425-670-5640.

Jail Register Information:

Persons currently incarcerated in the Lynnwood Municipal Jail. 
Lynnwood Municipal Jail Inmate Inquiry