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Lynnwood Jail

Jail Register Information

Persons currently incarcerated in the Lynnwood Municipal Jail. 
Lynnwood Municipal Jail Inmate Inquiry


​General visitation at the Lynnwood Jail is done by VIDEO ONLY
In person visitation can be arranged for attorneys, clergy or medical/mental health officials.

All inmates housed at the Lynnwood Jail who have been arraigned (had a first appearance in court after initial arrest) and who are not housed in disciplinary segregation are eligible for video visitation.  Visits are subject to approval per jail guidelines.

Free Video Visitation​
​Free on-site video visitation takes place on Saturdays only 0900-1130 and 1300-1630.  All visitors must register at Visitel.us.(either from the console located at the police department or from your own computer / device) and select a 30 minute time slot AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.  Once you have signed up for a time, you must report to the Lynnwood Police Department Lobby (see Finding the Jail) 15 minutes prior to the start of your visit to ensure you receive the full 30 minutes.  Late or missed time slots will not be made up.

Paid Video Visitation
Off-site video visitation (from your home or mobile device) for eligible inmates is available daily during these specific hours (see schedule below) for a fee.  Visit Visitel.us for further information on fees and registering for a visit.

1000-1130 Mon-Fri
1300-1630 Mon-Fri
1830-2130 Mon-Fri
0900-1130 Sat-Sun
1300-1630 Sat-Sun
1830-2100 Sat-Sun

Technical Support
If you experience a technical or billing issue, please contact VisiTel via their website at
 Visitel.usor call them at 1-844-458-2488or 1-800-583-9683.  Lynnwood Jail Officers are not able to assist with technical or billing issues.

NOTICE:  All video visitation is recorded and subject to monitoring by jail officers.

Mailing Address for Inmates

Inmates are allowed to receive mail. Address your correspondence to an inmate as follows:
(Inmate Name)
c/o Lynnwood City Jail
P.O. Box 5008
Lynnwood, WA 98046-5008

Programs Available

The Lynnwood Jail offers alternative to jail programs for those who qualify.  The two available programs are Electronic Home Detention (EHD) and Community Service.  Detailed information on these programs is available at the Lynnwood Police Department and the Lynnwood Municipal Court.  In addition, you may call the program office phone at 425-670-5640.