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Safety & Crime Prevention


The mission of the Community Health and Safety Section is to leverage community partnerships; institute creative problem-solving techniques through a unified interdepartmental approach; and foster outreach through education to address conditions that fuel crime and public disorder while maintaining a proactive stance on criminal trends and nuisance problems that impact the quality of life for citizens in Lynnwood. 

VIPS (Volunteers in Public Safety) was founded in 1988.  This program offers a variety of service opportunities to the community.  These valued volunteers conduct our Vacation House Check program as well as support administrative needs for the department and City at large.  You can often connect with them at popular community events such as National Night Out, Tip a Cop, and many community resource fairs and events listed below.



Activities for VIPS Include:  

  • Assist with Shop With a Cop, Tip a Cop, National Night Out, and many other events.
  • Participate in the Car Prowl Prevention Campaign at Edmonds Community College.
  • Assist with Operation Warm and Ready for low income residents.
  • Assist in community outreach for the department's free Memory Impairment Assistance Program.
  • Issue disabled parking violations and warnings.
  • Assist in the administration of the departments False Alarm Program.
  • Provide inter-office mail service throughout the City.


    To apply with the VIPS please click here!

    Citizens Patrol members act as extra eyes and ears for the Police Department. They help prevent and reduce crime through the observation and reporting of suspicious or possible criminal activities. Citizens Patrol members conduct bike patrol, disabled parking enforcement, neighborhood visits, radar watch, business watch, car unlocks, decoy car deployment, child care, translation for officers, and other projects as assigned. They also direct traffic at accident scenes and are called out to help with emergencies, such as storms, flooding, and other large incidents.

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    Activities For Citizen Patrol Include: 

  • Transport adults and juveniles as far north as Arlington and south to Tacoma.
  • Assist the Police Department with Lynnwood Police Officers annual Association Banquet.
  • Assist with cell extraction training for the Jail, Police Skills Refresher and Active Shooter classes. 
  • Offer support at local events such as National Night Out, Tip a Cop, Edmonds School Foundation 5K run.   
  • Continue to assist the Police Department in the “Graffiti Reduction Program”.
  • Provided security to assist Edmonds Police Department with their Fourth of July Parade.


    Apply to volunteer with the Citizens Patrol here