History & Heritage Board

History and Heritage Board at Heritage Park


The Board’s Mission is “Connecting community members to the history and heritage of Lynnwood to build a positive sense of place” by:

  • Collaborating with community partners to collect and promote the history and heritage of Lynnwood.
  • Recognizing history and heritage sites through signage, markers, historic registry and interpretive information.
  • Advocating to preserve nature, parks, sites, buildings, and artifacts, and for City policies and legislations that are informed by an understanding of history and heritage.

Our HHBStrategicPlan2023.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Position # Member Term Expires
Position #1 VACANT 12/31/2026
Position #2 VACANT 12/31/2026
Position #3 VACANT 12/31/2024
Position #4 VACANT   12/31/2024
Position #5 - Ex Officio JoAnne Lord 12/31/2025
Position #6 - Ex Officio   VACANT 12/31/2026
Position #7 - Ex Officio Cheri Ryan 12/31/2024
Council Liaison    Council President Hurst    12/31/2024

The Board consists of seven members; four who must live within Lynnwood City limits and be a registered voter, and three members that are selected from qualifying bodies. Members serve three-year terms.

Fun way to learn about Lynnwood history:

2023HHB-AnnualReport.pdf(PDF, 1015KB)
2022-HHB-Annual-Report.pdf(PDF, 1MB)