City of Lynnwood 2024 Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan

On display until April 01, 2024, 11:59 PM


City of Lynnwood 2024 Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan


The City of Lynnwood is now accepting requests to consider amendments to the City of Lynnwood Comprehensive Plan (“Plan”). This opportunity will occur with the required periodic update. By state law, amendments to the Plan generally may be considered only once a year. Lynnwood’s Comprehensive Plan is the official public policy document to guide the City’s growth and development over the coming years.

Adopted by the City Council, the Plan contains text, statistics, and maps that are available for use by both the public and private sectors of Lynnwood. The Plan may be viewed on the City’s website ( The deadline for filing for the 2024 amendment cycle is April 1, 2024.

Contact: For more information about the Comprehensive Plan or the annual amendment process, or to file a suggested amendment or an amendment application, please contact Catherine Kato, Senior Planner, Lynnwood Development and Business Services Department at 425-670-5045 or via email at

Date of this Notice: February 1, 2024