Christine Frizzell

Council Member

Council Position #1
Elected in 2017

Council Member Christine Frizzell
About Christine Frizzell

I have spent the majority of my life in the Lynnwood area. I am a graduate of Meadowdale High School and my first job was at Lynnwood Library. I earned my accounting degree at Central Washington University on the Edmonds Community College campus. I am self employed as an accountant for the last 30 years after spending my initial work years on staff with various companies.

I am the proud parent of two amazing daughters who also graduated from Meadowdale High School. They refresh and remind me that we have a responsibility to our next generation to leave this world better.

Watching our corner of the world change and evolve has been a growth process for me. I share the perspective of many - which is that our world is hurting and in need of people willing and able to make a difference. It is easy to see a problem and talk about how it could or should be different. I believe it is my responsibility to take a more active approach – to use my time, resources and talents to affect positive change in our community. To that end I ran for City Council and now that I am elected, I intend to serve our community to the very best of my abilities. My roots are in Lynnwood and my passion is for Lynnwood to grow and change into the place where we are all proud to live, work and play. I encourage each resident in Lynnwood to be involved in your neighborhood and around the city and to respectfully speak up for the change we see is needed. I certainly can’t do this alone so Let’s Do This Together! and truly make Lynnwood A Great Deal More.