Community Development

City Center Senior Apartments Under Construction


Current Planning

Current planning reviews land use applications and related development permits for compliance with zoning codes and state environmental requirements. Proposals and reviewed for compliance with the City's codes and design guidelines.  

Long Range and Comprehensive Planning

The Comprehensive Plan is the long-term vision for Lynnwood created by residents, stakeholders and decision makers and includes goals, objects and polices to guide decision making.  

Sub-Area Plans

Sub-Area Plans are details plans prepared for a smaller geographic area within a community. Learn more about Lynnwood's sub-area plans. 

Permits & plan review

Community Development is responsible for reviewing building plans and issuing permits to ensure the project is safe and meets all building codes.

Inspection Services
Code Enforcement

Community Development is responsible for enforcing City codes designed to keep your property and neighborhood safe. We respond to investigate code violations and educate property about requirements.

Information on applying for or renewing a City of Lynnwood business license.