American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

The City of Lynnwood has received $10.9 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. These are Federal funds distributed to public agencies to address the negative health and economic impacts of COVID-19. 

ARPA created the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF) and Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (CLFR) for the distribution to states, tribes, and local governments. The Lynnwood City Council has been deliberating on funding proposals over the past several months. Below is a listing of the allocated funds to date.

Funding Decisions

City of Lynnwood American Rescue Plan Act Allocations: Updated November 30, 2022

Date Approved Expenditure Category and Detailed Description  2021 Actual        2022+ Remaining  Total 
   1. Public Health      
   2. Negative Economic Impacts      
 5/23/2022  2.1. Household Assistance: Food Programs Lynnwood Food Bank    $400,000   
 4/25/2022  2.1 Household Assistance: Food Programs Hero's Cafe    $5,000  
   3. Public Sector Capacity      
 8/9/2021  3.2 Rehiring Public Sector Staff: PW Custodian (1 FTE) $18,720     
 9/13/2021  3.4 Effective Service Delivery: City Council Chambers AV  $6,133  $143,867  
 4/11/2022  3.4 Effective Service Delivery: Municipal Court Chambers AV    $70,000  
   4. Premium Pay      
   5. Water Sewer Broadband Infrastructure      
   6. Replace Lost Revenue & Provide Expanded Services up to $10M      
 8/9/2021  6.1 Provision of Government Services: Body camera equipment, services, & warranty $400,000    
 8/9/2021  6.1 Provision of Government Services: Body camera program staff (1FTE)   $130,000  
 4/25/2022  6.1 Provision of Government Services: Residential Street Improvements   $2,500,000  
 5/9/2022  6.1 Provision of Government Services: Recreation Scholarships   $25,000  
 5/23/2022  6.1 Provision of Government Services: Scriber Lake Park Boardwalk (subject to grant approval)   $2,000,000  
 6/27/2022  6.1 Provision of Government Services: Hire 5 new full time police officers through 2024   $1,857,877.08  
 6/27/2022  6.1 Provision of Government Services: 18 additional body cameras for Police Department   $92,512.30  
 7/25/2022  6.1 Provision of Government Services: 20 Tasers for Police Department   $75,643.90  
 7/25/2022   6.1 Provision of Government Services: Capital Facilities Plan for Veteran's Hub   $55,000   
 6/13/2022  7.1 Administrative Expenses: ARPA Accountant (.5 FTE 2.5 years)    $125,000  
   Eligible Category to be defined      
 5/23/2022  VOA Neighborhood Center Construction    $1,000,000  
 5/23/2022  Silver Creek Church ($15K lighting, $50K repave parking lot for Food Bank)    $65,000  
 7/25/2022  Kids in Transition Snohomish County Grant Match    $25,000  
 7/25/2022  VOAWW Rapid Rehousing Snohomish County Grant Match    $250,000  
 10/10/2022  Lynnwood Police Assistance Fund    $20,000  
 11/14/2022  Human Services Position    $300,000  
 11/14/2022  Tutoring    $60,000  
 11/14/2022  Lynnwood Chamber of Commerce Shop Local Campaign    $43,000  
   Total  $424,852 $9,367,901  $9,792,752.90 
   APRA Revenue (tranches 1 and 2)      $10,936,804.00
   Allocated To Date      $9,792,752.90
   Balance Remaining      $1,144,051.10

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Questions or Comments? Please contact Assistant City Administrator Julie Moore if you have any questions or comments related to the City's ARPA Funds, or 425-670-5023.

Since the beginning of the ARPA funds distribution, the City of Lynnwood has collected suggestions for funding, applied for grants from Snohomish County, and collected information related to supporting our local community. The documents provided below are not listed by priority or chronologically.