Police Chaplain

Many police departments use the services of a pool of police chaplains that assist the officers in the field as necessary. 

In 2002 the Lynnwood Police department had established a particularly close relationship with a local chaplain and the Police Chief appointed him as the official chaplain dedicated to the Department. 

Since that time he has become part of our police family, providing support not only to the citizens when he is called out to assist, but to all members of the department.  He continually exceeds our expectations for his position and his performance is exemplary both professionally and personally.     

Chaplain Responsibilities

The Chaplain's responsibilities include:

  • Extending the service of support and care that is initiated by emergency service personnel to individuals and families who are in the midst of a traumatic or crisis event.
  • Being available to LPD personnel and family members to assist with personal, family and spiritual needs, to officiate at ceremonies (e.g. weddings, funerals).
  • As requested, participating in LPD functions and assist with larger scale departmental crisis/traumatic issues (officer injury, death, etc).
  • Staying “in touch” with LPD personnel via station visits, participation in organizational functions, ride-a-longs, etc.

The chaplain’s primary goal is to provide support, care, assistance, etc to help any individual and/or family cope with any traumatic or crisis situation.  Spiritual assistance and counsel will only be offered when appropriate and when requested by those seeking help.  The chaplain keeps in confidence any communication with LPD personnel (except when doing so may result in the bodily harm to the communicant, others, or violate any statutory reporting requirement).