Scriber Creek Trail Improvements


The City has reviewed the potential impacts of trail improvements on four City parks and determined that the effects will be minimal. You are invited to review and respond to the City’s determination. Please see Public Notice and Involvement Opportunities below.


The project team is working towards:

  • 60% design
  • Construction documentation
  • and submittals for federal and state environmental permit applications.

 This project requires consultation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Washington Department of Ecology, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. This is to confirm potential project impacts, minimization efforts, mitigation needs, and environmental strategy.

The City has submitted a Land Use Application for a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review for an environmental review. The SEPA Checklist and associated plans are attachment under “Project Documents”.


This project will make critical upgrades to a 4,000-linear‑foot section of shared‑use path from the Lynnwood Transit Center to Wilcox Park. It will also improve public access and enjoyment of public parklands. A nonmotorized transportation connection between Lynnwood’s Regional Growth Center & City Center Sub-Area, the Interurban Regional Trail, the Lynnwood Transit Center, and the future Lynnwood Link light rail station (2023) and SWIFT bus-rapid transit routes on 196th St SW (SR 524).

These upgrades comprise Phase 2 and Phase 3 of a three‑phase improvement plan:

Phase 1 - Connects the Interurban Trail to Scriber Creek Park along the south-southwest edge of the future light rail station. It is designed, permitted, and under construction as part of Sound Transit’s Lynnwood Link Extension project.

Phase 2 - Extends from the southwestern corner of the transit center to approximately 100 feet north of 200th Street SW, just north of Sprague’s Pond Mini Park.

Phase 3 - Extends from the terminus of Phase 2 just north of 200th Street SW to Wilcox Park.

Users of the existing trail currently face many barriers. These include:

  • Varies in width (4-8’) and has a variety of surfaces
  • Current alignment includes sharp 90 degree turns. This makes it difficult for a cyclist to navigate safely while sharing with pedestrians.
  • Damage from extended seasonal flooding, soil settlement, tree root heaving, and watershed fluctuation.

To reduce and solve these problems this project will:

  • Elevate the trail to ease trail flooding
  • Increase the width of the trail to 10-12 feet with 2-foot shoulders
  • Re-aligning the trail to allow for wider turns

Boardwalk decking, made of pervious fiberglass grating, will be used when crossing Scriber Creek and the associated wetland complex. This grating allows filtered sunlight and precipitation to reach the ground.


Design, construction documents, and permitting is currently funded by a Pedestrian and Bicycle Grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), and local park funds.

Public Notice and Involvement Opportunities

City of Lynnwood Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department staff have reviewed the potential impacts that could result from development of the trail and conclude that the proposed project will not adversely affect Scriber Creek Park, Sprague’s Mini Pond Park, Scriber Lake Park, or Wilcox Park. Please refer to the analysis linked below that led to this determination.

Scriber-Creek-Trail-Notice-of-De-Minimis-Impact-Termination.pdf(PDF, 147KB) 

The City is offering the opportunity for the public to submit any concerns about this determination by May 7, 2021. Please see attached figures for the location of the trail with respect to each park. The SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) plan set are also linked for additional information.

Scriber-Creek-Trail-4f_Figures.pdf(PDF, 7MB)

 Please submit comments to:

Monica Thompson, PLA

Senior Parks Planner



Project Updates


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