Pet Waste

Photo of a dog and their owner picking up their poop

Scoop the Poop, Bag it, and Place it in the Trash!

The Poop Problem

Dog poop spreads diseases to people and pets. Rain washes poop down ditches and drains and into waterways. When high levels of fecal bacteria are found, shellfish beds are closed to harvesting and waterways are unsafe for swimming and fishing.

The Poop Solution

Scoop the poop, bag it, and place it in the trash! 

At home, scoop at least weekly, ideally daily, especially before it rains. Diseases can be tracked indoors on paws, shoes, and flies. Some diseases can live in your yard for weeks or years! 

On walks, bring extra bags, scoop every poop, and carry it to the trash. Be prepared. Always keep bags and a flashlight on your leash. Watch closely when dogs are off leash. Scoop even in tall brush. 




Questions about pet waste? Contact Cameron Coronado at or 425-670-5245