Mayor's Memo-February 2024

Published on March 05, 2024


Mayor's Memo Cover

February 2024

Mayor and Consulate GeneralHello from Lynnwood City Hall!
February was another busy month for our City! A few weeks ago, I had the honor of meeting with the Consulate General of Japan, Makoto Iyori, and his team to discuss our community and how we can continue to support our Japanese community members.

We are also just a day away from our State of the City on Wednesday, March 6th, at the Lynnwood Event Center! We can't wait to celebrate Lynnwood's 65th birthday with you.

City departments will have resource tables and be available before and after the event to provide information on available resources and answer your questions. This event is free and open to the public, and the doors will open to the public at 8:30 a.m. We are also recording the event, which will be posted on our website soon. See you there!

As always, thank you for choosing Lynnwood.

Take care,

Mayor Christine Frizzell

state of the city

Development and Business Services

Garden Senior Village Development Agreement: On February 12th, Lynnwood City Council and Development & Business Services held a public hearing for the Garden Senior Village Development Agreement. Garden Senior Village has proposed a four-story, 24,600 gross square foot addition to its existing senior housing complex. The addition would add 36 new senior housing units. Lynnwood City Council adopted the development agreement on February 26th.

New Tourism Video: The City of Lynnwood tourism department recently unveiled the Lynnwood destination video showcasing the authentic experiences of Lynnwood. This video will be part of sales materials for our hotels and other tourism industries. Embark on a visual journey as we unveil hidden gems and local favorites that await our future visitors. You may even find something new in your own community! Watch the video at

tourism ad

Updated Unified Development Code: On February 20th, Community Planning updated the Unified Development Code, which will implement the Housing Action Plan. This presentation included an introduction to zoning consolidation, supporting the reduction of redundant or conflicting zoning regulations while supporting middle housing development.

SmartGov Update: Lynnwood's new permit software, SmartGov, provides an easier way for the community to submit code enforcement requests regarding the condition and upkeep of property. Since the beginning of the year, DBS has received 77 requests. Common complaints include graffiti, inoperable vehicles, vehicles improperly parked, construction work without permits, prohibited signs, roosters, overgrown vegetation, junk and debris, illegal dumping, and noise. To submit a request, visit, click the "Report a Problem" button on the homepage, and follow the instructions.

job fair

Community Job Fair: The Lynnwood Regional Job Fair returns on March 27th at Edmonds College. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with over sixty employers from the Lynnwood area. The event is free to attend. Bring your resume and be prepared to interview employers on-site. For more information, visit:

Retirement Announcement: DBS Permit Supervisor, Christopher Wright, will retire from Lynnwood at the end of March. Christopher has managed the DBS Permit Center and has successfully implemented process improvements and the new DBS permit system. His time with Lynnwood has been invaluable, and we wish him well!



Advocating for Lynnwood's Legislative Priorities, Lynnwood Delegation Participates in AWC's City Action Days: On February 7 and 8, a Lynnwood delegation attended the Association of Washington Cities City Action Days Conference in Olympia. AWC is a non-profit organization that advocates for strong cities and provides training and resources for Washington's 281 cities and towns. City Action Days is a yearly event for city mayors, council members, and administrators to meet in Olympia during the legislative session to hear from policymakers and visit with representatives on "The Hill."

Lynnwood's delegation included Mayor Christine Frizzell, Council President George Hurst, Council Vice President Julieta Altamirano-Crosby, Council Member Nick Coelho, Council Member David Parshall, Assistant City Administrator Julie Moore, and Communications and Public Affairs Manager Nathan MacDonald.

Conference activities included workshops hosted by AWC staff, panel discussions with lawmakers, and a fireside chat with Governor Jay Inslee. In addition to conference activities, the Lynnwood delegation took the opportunity to visit the Capitol Building, hoping to steal quick hallway visits with our representatives who were in session. Leading up to the City Action Days Conference, we also had pre-scheduled Zoom meetings with each of our representatives so they could be better informed on how best to serve Lynnwood and our residents.

The City of Lynnwood proactively engages with our State Legislators to advocate and convey our City's legislative priorities. Many decisions made in Olympia directly or indirectly impact our City's ability to provide services to the people of Lynnwood. When our representatives know our City priorities, they are better equipped to represent our interests in Olympia.

Our 2024 Legislative Priorities: Looking forward into 2024, Lynnwood's Legislative Priorities are aligned to our community vision and strategic priorities to support our current services and build the future that the Lynnwood community seeks. We will accomplish this through realizing new efficiencies, forging partnerships, increasing equity, and remaining committed to fiscal sustainability and strategic priorities for a positive future.

To see Lynnwood's complete Legislative Agenda and information on the City's Legislative Engagement efforts, visit

Human Resources

Modernizing Employee Orientation: One of HR's most significant projects to modernize a new employee's orientation and onboarding is underway. HR plans for our new electronic onboarding program to be fully operational by spring 2024. This centralized hub makes information for all employees easily accessible and supports a positive new hire experience, enhancing the City's workplace culture.

Celebrating Service: The City of Lynnwood recognized 55 employees for their years of service. We congratulate these dedicated City of Lynnwood employees for their years of service impacting the community of Lynnwood.

HOT JOBS SHOWCASE:The City of Lynnwood has approximately 24 open employment opportunities, including part-time and full-time. Serve your community in Lynnwood as a public servant! Check us out at:

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts

2024 WellCity Award: The City of Lynnwood earned the 2024 WellCity Award by making an outstanding commitment to employee health. As a recipient, the City will receive a 2% premium discount on its AWC Employee Benefit Trust active medical premiums in 2025. While a 2% discount on medical premiums is significant, the rewards of a healthy workplace can be felt across the organization and positively impact the community. This citywide program is administered by the Healthy Communities Division.

LSC Random Acts of Kindness Program: Members of the Lynnwood Senior Center continued their Random Acts of Kindness trips. Their goal was to recognize firefighters and dentists. They brought cards and flowers to our fire department and a few local dentist shops. Participants enjoy these trips that provide an opportunity to do something so positive!


Recreation Extraordinary Volunteer: If you haven't met our extraordinary volunteer Sydney Hoard yet, you are missing out. Sydney has volunteered at the Lynnwood Recreation Center since 2017 and has volunteered in many capacities. Currently, she is the chair of the Friends of the Lynnwood Senior Center Foundation and a front desk volunteer on Wednesday mornings. Sydney has volunteered with other organizations as well. When asked why she volunteers, she replied, "Because I love it!" We need more people like Sydney; she is extraordinary!

Park Maintenance Projects: This winter, we have several projects started and are making significant headway with the ADA improvements to North Lynnwood Park restrooms. We expect to have the interior completed in mid-March. Crews have also been working to remove uplifted asphalt on the trail system through the park. This work has taken a lot of staff time but will improve the overall safety of the pathway. During the summer, we have thousands of people come through the park. Crews will continue asphalt repairs through March, focusing on Interurban Trail and North Lynnwood Park.

Meadowdale Events: Meadowdale Playfields programming is off to a great start this year. Tournaments are scheduled for nearly every weekend and rentals each evening. Youth softball and baseball have been taking up most reservation slots this spring. As the weather improves, we will be topdressing and reseeding the turf on fields 3, 4, and 5.

wood carving

Gold Park Welcome Pole Carving: The City is working on a project with Mike Evans from the Snohomish Tribe of Indians, who will be carving two welcome poles for Gold Park at the entrance to the Ethnobotanical Garden. The welcome posts will be carved from cedar logs salvaged from trees that were removed during the renovation of Meadowdale Playfields in 2017. The project will be completed in early 2025. The Snohomish Tribe of Indians has partnered at Gold Park for several years and continues to schedule volunteer activities there. Attached is a picture of the three logs delivered.

PRCA Director's Retirement: Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Director, Lynn D. Sordel, will serve his last day on Friday, March 15th. In his 17-year tenure, Lynnwood renovated the Recreation Center, relocated the Senior Center, developed Stadler Ridge Park, renovated the Meadowdale Playfields, moved the Golf Course under management, and so much more. Lynn is leaving PRCA better than when he started through his mantra of "We've got to take care of what we've got." Thank you, Lynn!

Upcoming Events

Heritage Park Spring Clean:Wednesday, April 3rd, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Heritage Park
Register to volunteerhere

Paws in the Park!, Saturday, April 20, 2024, 10:00 a.m. - Noon, Lynndale Dog Park, 7512 Olympic View Drive

Police Academy Graduates


New Academy Graduates:Luke Morris, Sean Kalamar, and London Conard all graduated from the academy. All three won various awards. Morris is number 1 in practical skills, Kalamar is number 2 in practical skills, Conard is number 2 in academics, and it is number 2 overall. All three also won force and fitness awards as well. A big congrats to the new academy graduates!

Officer Chris VanDomelen with members of South County Fire

Recognition for Saving a Life: On February 27th, Officer Chris VanDomelen was honored by South County Fire for performing life-saving measures. South County Fire presented Officer VanDomelen with a Chief's Coin. These coins are presented to those who exhibit the department's values.
On January 2nd, around 12:41 p.m., both Lynnwood PD and South County Fire were dispatched to Chick-fil-A for reports of a 78-year-old female who was choking, conscious, and not breathing. Others at the restaurant had attempted to do the Heimlich but were unsuccessful. Officer VanDomelen arrived on the scene less than 5 minutes after the initial call and took over. The reporting party told dispatchers the patient was still unconscious at that point. Officer VanDomelen successfully used the Heimlich to clear the obstruction, and when fire crews arrived a minute later, the patient was conscious and alert. She didn't need to be transported to the hospital. Great work, Officer VanDomelen, and South County Fire!

Graffiti Clean Up:
On February 23rd, volunteers and Lynnwood PD cadets helped cover graffiti on a fence at 208th and 61st. Thank you for all the work you do!

Cops for Inclusion: 
We are hosting our third Cops for Inclusion event, where families with neuro-diverse kids can meet Officers at Lynnwood PD and engage in fun activities! The event will be held on Saturday, April 20th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This year's activities will be different than years before, so if you've come to this event previously, this year will be completely different. The day will be led by licensed psychologists who will be on hand to answer any questions!

Public Works

College Place: OMA Construction was the low bidder on our 204th ST SW and College Place Improvement Project.

School Zone Study: The City of Lynnwood has two traffic signals entirely within School Zones. One is 188th and 44th, and the other is 52nd and 168th. A study this past year confirmed a problem with motorists forgetting they were in an active school zone when waiting on a red light for a green light. We are testing Blank-Out signs at 44th and 188th that display SCHOOL ZONE ACTIVE when it is active and nothing when the school zone is not active. "Before" data was collected in January using video. "After" data was collected at the end of last week. A Mountlake Terrace High School student is processing the data and making a report for his senior project. If any improvement in compliance is found, the City of Lynnwood will conduct a formal study justifying permanent installation at both signals.

Retirement Announcement: Duke Dungan is retiring this year after 33.5 years of service. He has been the Assistant Supervisor at the Treatment Plant for the last 28 years. He is the third longest-standing employee at the City of Lynnwood. Thank you for your dedicated service to your community, Duke!

Street Maintenance Work: Street Maintenance Crews took advantage of a few breaks from the cold and rain to do some grinding and paving. Freezing weather and heavy rains were rough on our streets this year, so we are happy to have the time, available staff, and good weather to make these needed repairs. This team and some equipment could pave 12 patches for 2,600 square feet of surface area with over 47 tons of mix. That is 94,000 pounds of asphalt placed into the patch by hand.

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