Adopted Codes, City Design Guidelines & Plans


Policies & Plan

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document for future change throughout Lynnwood. It describes the long-term direction and vision for the growth and development of the community. The Plan assesses the issues and opportunities that Lynnwood will face over the next 20 years.

Housing Action Plan

The Housing Action Plan is a policy document and implementation guide to address current and future housing needs of the Lynnwood community.  A Housing Action Plan (HAP) uses an equity lens to develop clear, actionable strategies to meet current and projected housing needs.

Subarea Plans

Subarea plans are detailed plans prepared for a smaller geographic area within a community.  The areas can encompass neighborhoods, corridors, downtowns, or other types of special districts that show cohesive characteristics.


Structural Design Criteria

Design Wind Speed   110 mph
Wind Exposure Category   B
Ground Snow Load   25 psf (per ASCE 7-10)
Seismic Design Category   D (D2 Residential)
Rainfall   1" / hr (UPC Table D101.1)
Frost Line Depth   18"
Soil Bearing Capacity   1500 psf  Unless a Geotechnical report is provided (IBC Table 1806.2)

City Design Guidelines

The purpose of the design guidelines is to produce high-quality development that reflects our Community Vision for Lynnwood's future. The City's design guidelines are a method of guiding development and enhancing the quality of buildings, sites and the public realm. 


Applies to Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family and Public Zones

Alderwood City Center Transition Area

Applies to Alderwood City Center Transition Area Zones only.

City Center

Applies to City Center Zones only.

Highway 99 

Applies to Highway 99 Mixed-Used Zone only