Patrick Decker


Council Member

Council Position #2, Elected in 2021

Patrick (段仕诚 - पैट्रिक् डेकर) has been a resident of Lynnwood for over thirty five years.  He is married to his wife of 27 years, who is a first generation immigrant from Thailand.  They own a home here and have raised their three sons in this community.  Patrick is employed at Microsoft in the Xbox Gaming Studio Business Group, focusing on Strategic Licensing Agreements.  He is a graduate of Edmonds College, and the University of Washington Henry M Jackson School of International Studies, with a double bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies and Chinese Language and Literature.  He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and for fun last year he read the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West” in Chinese.  He is also a third degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, and was ranked nationally for two years.  

Patrick has had the opportunity and blessing of living in many places around the world.  While young, he spent two years in Japan and then a good chunk of his childhood on the beaches of Southern California.  His junior year of High School was spent in Compton California, and his Senior Year in Yuma Arizona, where he worked as a field laborer harvesting cotton, vegetables, wheat, and other crops.  He subsequently lived for three years in China, and during one twelve month period, visited over 20 cities in China from XiAn (西安)to GuangZhou (广州)as well as multiple cities in India.

For fun, Patrick likes to spend time with his family, hiking, backpacking, and travelling.  He is also an avid sailor, and you will often find him and his family sailing Puget Sound.

Patrick(段仕诚 - पैट्रिक् डेकर)在林伍德居住超过三十五年。 他与他的妻子已结婚了27年。  妻子是来自泰国的第一代移民。 他们在这里拥有一个家,并在这个社区抚养了他们的三个儿子。  Patrick 在Microsoft 的 Xbox Gaming Studio 业务组,专注于战略许可协议。 他毕业于埃德蒙兹学院和华盛顿大学。拥有亚洲研究和中国语言文学双学士学位。 他能说流利的普通话,去年为了好玩,他用中文阅读了经典的中国小说《西游记》。 他还是跆拳道黑带三级,并在全国排名两年。

Patrick 曾有机会和祝福住许多地方。 年轻时,他在日本度过了两年,然后在南加州的海滩上度过了童年的大部分时间。 他的高中三年级在加利福尼亚州康普顿度过,他的大四在亚利桑那州尤马度过,在那里他是一名田间工人,收获棉花、蔬菜、小麦和其他作物。 之后,他在中国住了三年。在十二个月的时间里,他访问了从西安到广州的20多个中国城市以及印度的多个城市。

为了好玩,Patrick喜欢与家人共度时光、远足、背包旅行和旅行。 他也是一位狂热的水手,您经常会发现他和他的家人在普吉特海湾航行。

Liaison Roles

  • Council Finance Committee

  • Veterans

  •  Lynnwood Tourism Advisory Committee (Chair)


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City Planning Commission Chair 

Lynnwood City Center Project Committee Member 

Lynnwood City Center Sub Area Regulations Committee Member 

Lynnwood High School Senior Project Mentor

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Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Varsity Scout Coach

Washington State Trade Delegate to China

Seattle - Kaohsiung Sister City Committee Member