Legislative Priorities

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The City of Lynnwood proactively engages with Washington State Legislators, often with our 21st and 32nd district legislators, including the Washington State Congressional leaders, to advocate and convey our City’s legislative priorities. Many decisions that are made in Olympia and Washington, D.C., have direct or indirect impacts on our City’s ability to provide program and services to the people of Lynnwood. When our legislators know our City priorities and community stories from residents and business owners related to those priorities, they are better equipped to represent our interests in Olympia and D.C. Each year, Lynnwood Officials develop the City's Legislative Priorities. 

Our 2023 priorities:

Looking forward into 2023, Lynnwood’s Legislative Priorities are aligned to our community vision and our strategic priorities to support our current services and to build the future that the Lynnwood community seeks. We will accomplish this through realizing new efficiencies, forging partnerships, increasing equity, and remaining committed to fiscal sustainability and strategic priorities for a positive future. We ask for your continued support as leaders of Washington State, and thank you for your public service.

  • 42ND AVENUE WEST: In the City Center’s core is the new 42nd Avenue West corridor. This future grid street will improve connectivity and pedestrian access in the developing City Center, catalyze urban development and create synergy for Town Square Park. Will also serve as an

    important connection to the Lynnwood City Center Station. In design phase.

  • WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT MITIGATION EFFORTS: Population growth, an aging sewage sludge incinerator, and the Department of Ecology’s new Puget Sound Nutrient Permit have combined to require a very significant upgrade to Lynnwood’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on the shore of Puget Sound. A Facility Plan to study the future needs of the WWTP is almost complete. The ultimate plan to solve all needs for Lynnwood’s growth and Puget Sound water quality is estimated to cost almost $200 million.

  • SCRIBER CREEK TRAIL REDEVELOPMENTCritical safety and ADA upgrades to improve public access of this non-motorized connector to Lynnwood’s Regional Growth Center/City Center. Phase 2 of construction is underway. Phase 3 construction begins 2024. This is a Recreation & Conservation Office and Washington Wildlife & Recreation Program Trails ranked project.

  • SCRIBER LAKE PARK BOARDWALK: Replacement of a 40-year-old wood chipped trail through critical area. Will be replaced with an elevated boardwalk to create a 1/2 mile, ADA compliant loop trail. Construction begins 2024. This is a Recreation & Conservation Office and Washington Wildlife & Recreation Program Local Parks #3 ranked project.



  • Support measures to build resiliency and recovery from COVID-19. Streamline opportunities for innovation and support entrepreneurs and small business owners to boost local economic development.

  • Protect and enhance the level of state-shared revenues provided to local governments.
  • COMMUNITY RECOVERY CENTER: Co-located on the site of the Community Justice Center (CJC), the Community Recovery Center will bring much needed behavioral health services to the community. The CJC, is a partnership with Community Health Center of Snohomish County, to bring a purpose-built police department, re-imagined misdemeanor jail, a remodeled court, and a separate community recovery center, which will allow us the necessary space and function to bring the best justice and health services to our community. Construction of Community Justice Center and Community Recovery Center is underway, anticipated to open in late 2023.

  • Address the housing crisis by supporting a proactive and flexible approach for cities to increase housing supply and address affordability issues to meet the needs of the entire community. See Lynnwood’s adopted Housing Action Plan at www.LynnwoodWA.gov/HousingActionPlan

  • Support the continued implementation of the national 988 system to enhance and expand behavioral health crisis response, increase access to drug treatment services, and enhance funding for programs such as L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion).

  •  Support adjustments to recent legislation related to the Blake Decision and vehicle pursuits to provide clarity and additional resources to properly address public safety.

  • Increase capacity for the Basic Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers academies to meet the demand for hiring.

  • Support bicycle and pedestrian programs, Safe Routes to Schools, and other multi-modal funding in the Transportation Budget.

  • Continue to support public health and combat obesity by funding Healthiest Next Generation and No Child Left Inside in the operating budget.


  • Support the completion of Sound Transit 2 to the Lynnwood City Center Station, and the expansion of Sound Transit 3 through Lynnwood to Everett.

  • The City of Lynnwood echoes the Association of Washington Cities 2023 Legislative Priorities, and we support the legislative priorities of our regional partners the Economic Alliance of Snohomish County, Snohomish County Cities, Community Transit, and Sound Transit.