Visioning Lynnwood

Lynnwood Sunrise Panoramic View

Lynnwood Moving Forward: Our Community Vision

The City of Lynnwood will be a regional model for a sustainable, vibrant community with engaged citizens and an accountable government.

Our Vision is...

  • To be a welcoming city that builds a healthy and sustainable environment.
  • To encourage a broad business base in sector, size and related employment, and promote high quality development.
  • To invest in preserving and expanding parks, recreation, and community programs.
  • To be a cohesive community that respects all citizens.
  • To invest in efficient, integrated, local and regional transportation systems.
  • To ensure a safe environment through rigorous criminal and property law enforcement.
  • To be a city that is responsive to the wants and needs of our citizens. 

Questions or Comments? Contact Public Affairs Officer Julie Moore at 425-670-5023 or by email at


On January 26, 2009, Lynnwood's Community Vision (listed above), was formally adopted by the Lynnwood City Council. Beginning in 2007, the City hosted a series of public outreach meetings where hundreds of Lynnwood residents, business owners, and other community stakeholders shared their opinions about how the city is today, what direction it should go, and what the future should look like. Over 4,000 ideas and thoughts were captured from those brainstorming sessions.

Then in 2008, a Visioning Task Force was formed. This community-lead group took those 4,000+ thoughts and ideas and formed the Vision statements listed above. The group also developed a 3-part Visioning Report Series.

In April of 2015, the City Leadership and City Council reaffirmed the Community Vision by resolution.