Applications & Checklists

Please see the list of permit types below to learn more about the requirements specific to your project. You will find applications, checklists, and general information that will guide you through the application process with the City of Lynnwood.


 Check your address:
  • Confirm your project is in the City of Lynnwood on the Lynnwood Boundary Map
  • DBS does not provide permitting services in unincorporated areas of Lynnwood
Electronic Submittals:
Review Times:


Land Use & Subdivisions: Permits for property line changes, zoning interpretations, and project design review. Land Use Permits are sometimes required prior to receiving an associated Building or Civil Construction permit.

Residential Building: Any work to single-family, duplex, or townhouse buildings or structures of 1-2 units.

Commercial Building: Any work to commercial buildings or structures, including residential buildings of 3 or more units.

Development Engineering: Any work outside of the building footprint including grading, water, sewer, storm drainage, tree clearing, and work within the Public ROW.

 Fire Systems:

 Appeal Applications: