Infractions, Parking Tickets & Photo Enforcement

All hearings for traffic infraction and photo enforcement matters shall be heard online or via written statement until August 1st, 2020. Please use the links below in the mitigation and contested tabs to submit your written statement electronically.

Infraction Options

Pay Your Fine

You can pay your fine online

Submit Payment Here



  • A mitigation hearing is where you admit you committed the violation, but wish to explain the circumstances of the infraction and request a reduction in the fine. You may appear before a Judge for a hearing in person or you may request a hearing by mail or e-mail.
    • Deferred Findings- $150 administrative fee will be charged if a deferred finding is granted by the Judge.
      • failure to comply with the conditions of the court's order will result in a committed finding being sent to DOL and imposition of the entire penalty stated on the Notice of Infraction. Any administrative fee prior or owing will NOT be applied as credit toward the penalty imposed by the court. A deferred sentence may be an option if the following conditions are met:
        • You have had no violations in the last seven years.
        • Your infraction was not the result of an accident.
        • You are not charged with Negligent Driving 2nd Degree.
        • You do not have a commercial driver's license.
        • If you were accused of speeding 16 miles over the posted speed limit.
        • No-Insurance infractions are not eligible

Mitigation Hearing by E-Mail

In-Person Mitigation Hearing Request



  • If you believe you did not commit the violation then you should contest the infraction. If the infraction is found committed, the full amount of the penalty will be imposed. If it is found not committed, the infraction will be dismissed. You may appear before a Judge for a hearing in person or you may request a hearing by mail or e-mail. Contested hearings by mail/e-mail cannot be appealed and the Judge's ruling is final.

Contested Hearing by E-Mail

In-Person Contested Hearing Request

  • If you cannot make it to the court date set by the clerk of the court please file a written statement or a speedy trial waiver.

Speedy Trial Waiver for Infraction Cases

  •  If you were not driving the vehicle when the alleged violation occurred please submit a DNR.

Declaration of Non-Responsibility

  • If you received an infraction but did not respond to it timely you are authorized to contact a Judge in writing to explain your situation with a letter of Good Cause. Letters of Good Cause should only be filled out for extenuating circumstances.

Good Cause Letter