Guide to Getting a Permit

1. Welcome

Lynnwood Development & Business Services (DBS) is responsible for reviewing and issuing a wide variety of permits and land use applications, including residential and commercial building permits, electrical permits, boundary line adjustments, subdivisions, driveway aprons to right-of-way, clearing and grading, and others.  The types of permits you will need depends on the what you are trying to do.  There as many factors to consider for different types of land use and construction projects.  


The 2018 Washington State Building Code will be effective February 1, 2021 and comprised of the following codes:

  • 2018 International Building Code (Includes adoption of and amendments to the 2018 International Existing Building Code and ICC/ANSI A117.1 2009, and the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code)
  • 2018 International Fire Code
  • 2018 Washington State Energy Code
  • 2018 International Residential Code
  • 2018 International Mechanical Code
  • 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code
  • 2020 NEC Electrical Code

Before you begin:

  1. Is your project located within Lynnwood city limits?  There are many properties with a Lynnwood address that are located outside Lynnwood city limits in unincorporated Snohomish County.  Use our Do I Live in Lynnwood Map to check your project address.
    Address Verification Map

  2. Do you need a permit?  Review the Work Exempt from Permit Reference Sheet(PDF, 719KB) for a list of projects that do not require a permit.  If you do not see your project listed, a permit is required. Work Exempt from Permit Reference Sheet

Work That Doesn't Require a Permit(PDF, 719KB)

3. What permits do you need? Bigger projects beyond a simple repair may require additional permits for the various scopes of work. At the least, you can expect a residential building remodel to require a building (structural)permit, an electrical permit (if wires will be touched), a plumbing permit if any sinks or pipes will be relocated, a mechanical permit if a change to HVAC is required. If you need assistance deciding what permit you will need, please contact our staff. We are here to help you through this process!

Helpful Resources:

DBS Location: 20816 44th Ave W, Lynnwood 98036  Hours:  Monday - Thursday 8:30AM - 3PM, Friday 8:30AM - 12PM
Phone: 425-670-5400 Email:

2. Submit Your Application

Apply Electronically via Email
Permit applications can be submitted electronically to It is important to submit your completed application with the required plans and documents.

Simple over the counter applications that do not require plan review can be applied for through the DBS Online Portal.  All other permit and land use applications can be submitted to

Plans must be submitted in PDF format. Please contact us if your files are too large to send over email. 

Apply Electronically via DBS Online Portal

Here is a list of permit applications available online through the DBS Online Portal:

  • Electrical (low voltage, remodel/repair, new panel, temporary power)
  • Mechanical (residential remodel, repair, new equipment)
  • Plumbing (residential new fixtures, remodel, repair)
  • Re-Roof (single-family residential)
  • Sewer (side sewer new or repair, capping)
  • Tree Clearing
  • Grease Interceptor
  • Minimum Site Inspection (residential and commercial)
  • Industrial Waste Discharge (authorization, significant user)

Apply Online

How to Register for an Online Account

3. Allow Time for Plan Review

Your permit application and plans will be reviewed for compliance with the City's building, land use, and safety codes.  Review time is typically 6 to 8 weeks, but can vary depending on the type, size and complexity of your project. 

  1. What if changes are needed on my plans?   If your plans require any changes, the applicant and contacts listed on the application will be contacted by our permitting staff with required revision to your plans.
  2. How do I submit revised plans?  Revised plans may be sent to Please include a correction response letter. Detailed instructions will be listed on the Plan Review Coversheet that is included with your marked up plans. 

4. Make a Payment

We will email you with payment instructions once your permit application has been reviewed.  Payments can be made online through the DBS Online Portal using the invoice number provided, or over the phone by calling 425-670-5400.

5. Get Your Permit

Once your permit application has been approved and your payment has been received, Permit Staff will email you a copy of your permit and any applicable approved plan sets.  You are required to keep a copy of your permit and approved plan set posted in a visible location throughout your project. 

6. Request an Inspection

Inspections are scheduled through the DBS Online Portal.  Before you request an inspection:

  • Verify the work is complete, pre-tested, uncovered and accessible
  • Have a copy of approved plans, permits and other paperwork on site
  • Have a registered account on the DBS Online Portal

Are you ready to request an inspection?  Visit our Request an Inspection page for detailed instructions on how to submit your request through the DBS Online Portal or view our online video tutorial below!

How to Request an Inspection on DBS Portal

How to Register for an Online Account

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