Civil Service Commission

Lynnwood Custody Officers at Cops and Kids event


The Civil Service Commission is charged with adopting rules for the regulation of personnel administration within the uniformed services (Police and Fire) of the City of Lynnwood. They oversee the recruitment and selection process for these services, including a competitive testing program to determine the qualifications of persons interested in such employment. 

Position # Member Term Expires
Position #1 Patrick Decker 12/14/2026
Position #2 Loren Simmonds 12/31/2022
Position #3 Ed dos Remedios, Chair  07/27/2022
Council Liaison   



Supporting Documents:

The three members of the Commission are appointed by the Mayor of Lynnwood and approved by the City Council. Commission members serve six-year terms. By state law, Civil Service Commissioners must be United States citizens, residents of the City of Lynnwood for three years, and qualified to vote in Snohomish County.