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The Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) is a planning document used to coordinate the scheduling and funding for major city projects. Each CFP covers the next 6 year period.

The CFP serves as an important tool. It's used to insure that the City's Capital Facilities are maintained or developed as needed.


Lynnwood Municipal Court operational changes in response to COVID-19

In the interest of public health during the COVID-19 crisis, Lynnwood Municipal Court has modified its operations to minimize the number of people who need to come to the courthouse.  Members of the public are encouraged to follow guidance from Public Health officials and stay home if they are in a higher risk group.  Here is what to do if you have court business:


What if I have a criminal case? 

If you are the defendant in a case, please contact your attorney as soon as possible. 

Attorneys:  Please refer to GOA 2020-02(PDF, 47KB) for guidance. 

If you have questions please call the court at (425) 670-5102 or send your inquiry by Email to


What if I have a hearing to contest or mitigate my ticket? 

All appearances for mitigation and contested hearings will be set for adjudication by mail or Email until further notice.   Hearings for individuals requesting an in-person hearing will be set out 120 days.  This policy is effective March 16, 2020 under GAO 2020-02(PDF, 47KB)

If you have questions, please call the court at (425) 670-5100 or send an email inquiry to


What if I need to pay a ticket or fine?

You can pay tickets online, by phone, or by mail.  To pay by phone using a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card please call (425) 670-5100.


What if I have an appointment with my probation officer?

Under GOA 2020-02 the probation department has the authority to convert face-to-face meetings to telephonic meetings in certain circumstances.  If you are high risk for contracting COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, please call probation at (425) 670-5131 or send an inquiry to


What if I have been summoned for jury duty?

Jurors should check trial status after 5pm the evening before your scheduled report date.  You can receive reporting instructions by visiting the jury web page or calling our jury line at (425) 670-5529.  Other questions regarding jury duty can be emailed to

Additional guidance on how to protect yourself and other is available at the Snohomish County Health District.  

Janitorial staff are frequently disinfecting doors and handles, elevator buttons and surfaces in public areas of the court.  Visitors are encouraged to make use of hand sanitizer, wash hands frequently and cover their coughs. 


Lynnwood Municipal Court COVID-19 2020-02(PDF, 47KB)


An electrical permit is required for most electrical work and ensures your installation conforms to safety codes and standards.  The City of Lynnwood issues Electrical Permits and conducts inspections for work done within Lynnwood City Limits.  Electrical Permits must be applied for by a licensed contractor.


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