City Strategic Plan

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Our Strategic Plan 2022-2026 is a compilation of priorities, objectives, and strategies determined by City leadership to be of the highest importance for the years 2022-2026. 

The Lynnwood Community Vision was developed by a group of Lynnwood residents and it helps define our mission and values.

The Lynnwood Community Vision states that The City of Lynnwood will be a regional model for a sustainable, vibrant community with engaged citizens and an accountable government. 

To read the full vision statement, visit Visioning Lynnwood.

Lynnwood's Strategic Plan(PDF, 1MB) identifies our six highest priorities for 2022-2026:
  1. Fulfill the community vision for the City Center and Lynnwood Link light rail.
  2. Ensure financial stability and economic success.
  3. Nurture operational and organizational excellence.
  4. Be a safe community.
  5. Be a diverse, welcoming, equitable, and livable city.
  6. Pursue and maintain collaborative relationships and partnerships.

Strategic Plan 2022-2026, Short Version(PDF, 388KB)

Plan Estratégico de la Ciudad de Lynnwood, 2022-2026(PDF, 217KB)

린우드 시 전략적 계획, 2022-2026(PDF, 275KB)

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