Arts Commission

Boy in front of decorated signal box wrap

The Lynnwood Arts Commission supports universal access to diverse arts to enrich our community’s quality of life and economic vitality by:  

  • Advocating for lifelong learning in creativity and the arts
  • Promoting artists and arts opportunities
  • Encouraging openness and inclusion
  • Building community and a sense of place

Our 2016 Cultural Arts Plan(PDF, 859KB)

Position # Member Term Expires
Position #1 Elizabeth Lunsford 12/31/2021
Position #2 Barry Miller 12/31/2021
Position #3 Teodora Popescu 12/31/2022
Position #4 Robert Gutcheck    12/31/2022
Position #5 Rhiannon Kruse 12/31/2022
Position #6 Lynn Hanson  12/31/2023
Position #7 Raniere 12/31/2023
Council Liaison    Julieta Altamirano-Crosby  12/31/2021


(PDF, 312KB)ArtsCommissionMeetingPacket_2021-07-20.pdf(PDF, 378KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingPacket_2021-06-15.pdf(PDF, 312KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingPacket_2021-05-18.pdf(PDF, 332KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingPacket_2021-04-20.pdf(PDF, 361KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingPacket_2021-03-16.pdf(PDF, 354KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingPacket_2021-02-16.pdf(PDF, 372KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingPacket_2021-01-19-Copy.pdf(PDF, 333KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingPacket_2020-12-15.pdf(PDF, 341KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingPacket_2020-11-17.pdf(PDF, 344KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Packet 10-20-2020(PDF, 344KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Packet 09-29-2020(PDF, 330KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Packet 09-15-2020(PDF, 352KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Packet 08-18-2020(PDF, 335KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Packet 07-21-2020(PDF, 335KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Packet 06-16-2020(PDF, 384KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Packet 02-18-2020(PDF, 380KB)


ArtsCommissionMeetingMinutes_2021-05-18.pdf(PDF, 114KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingMinutes_2021-04-20.pdf(PDF, 98KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingMinutes_2021-03-16.pdf(PDF, 123KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingMinutes_2021-02-16.pdf(PDF, 124KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingMinutes_2021-01-19.pdf(PDF, 102KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingMinutes_2020-12-15.pdf(PDF, 103KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingMinutes_2020-11-17.pdf(PDF, 103KB)
ArtsCommissionMeetingMinutes_2020-10-20.pdf(PDF, 118KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Minutes 09-29-2020(PDF, 118KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Minutes 09-15-2020(PDF, 104KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Minutes 08-18-2020(PDF, 102KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Minutes 07-21-2020(PDF, 104KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Minutes 06-16-2020(PDF, 105KB)
Arts Commission Meeting Minutes 02-18-2020(PDF, 106KB)

Supporting Documents:

2020-AC-Annual-Report.pdf(PDF, 2MB)
4culture-mission.pdf(PDF, 72KB)
Cultural_Arts_Plan_2016.pdf(PDF, 859KB)
Oakland-cultural-plan.pdf(PDF, 28MB)
Public-Art-Ordinance-2759.pdf(PDF, 82KB)
Racial-Equity-Action-Plans-how-to.pdf(PDF, 2MB)
racial-equity-resources.pdf(PDF, 667KB)
Racial-Equity-Toolkit.pdf(PDF, 9MB)
Toronto-Arts-Foundation-Equity-in-the-Arts.pdf(PDF, 58MB)

The Lynnwood Arts Commission is made up of seven volunteer members who serve three-year terms.  Members must live within Lynnwood City limits and be a registered voter. The Commission may accept up to two members that reside in the city's municipal urban growth area. There is a preference for city of Lynnwood residents over nonresident candidates.