Board of Ethics

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The purpose of the Ethics Board is:

  • To issue advisory written opinions on the provisions of the ethics code
  • To hear complaints and determine if violations of the ethics code, or state ethics law applicable to cities, have occurred by the mayor, a councilmember, a member of a board or commission, and to enter appropriate administrative orders and make recommendations to the city council
  • To hear and consider complaints referred to it by the mayor
  • To adopt policies, procedures and rules, as it may deem necessary and appropriate to accomplish its purpose and duties
  • To appoint a qualified individual or firm as “board counsel” who shall both provide the board with independent legal counsel apart from the city attorney, and be responsible to conduct investigations on complaints and conduct the functions and perform the duties
  • To manage the expenditure of appropriations for operation of the board, board counsel, and other staff 
Position # Member Term Expires
Position #1 Rick Michels 12/31/2024
Position #2

Ty Tufono-Chaussee

Position #3 Jim Strum    12/31/2026
Alternate #1 Steve Steward  
Alternate #2      Vacant  

The Ethics Board is made up of three members, none of whom shall be a city councilmember or city employee. There are no residency requirements to serve on this board.