Carpool Cinemas

Crowd awaits movie in the park

Carpool Cinemas is a FREE outdoor drive-up movie series.

About this Event


September 19, 7pm-10pm

Join us Friday nights at Lynnwood Square on September 19 to enjoy a movie from the comfort of your car. Pack your friends and family into your car and dinner or snacks to go.

Admission is FREE, but a reservation is required to secure your parking/viewing space. The event plan we have in place complies with Governor Inslee’s 'Safe Start’ Phased Reopening, Phase II Guidance for Drive-In Theaters.

  • Viewing Lot opens for parking at 7pm
  • Viewing Lot closes for movie screening at 7:45pm
  • Movie starts at dusk (approximately 8pm)
    1. Due to our parking lot arrangement, no vehicle may back into a space — ALL VEHICLES FACE FORWARD.
    2. Large or tall vehicles will be guided to park on the sides or back of the lot.
    3. The decision to direct your car to a specific space is at the discretion of the lot staff.
    4. Once parked, you may not drive away until instructed by event staff.
  2. FOR SAFETY REASONS, NO CARS WILL BE ADMITTED IN THE MOVIE VIEWING AREA AFTER THE LOT IS CLOSED. Lot open/close times are posted on the ticketing website. We suggest arriving early for spaces closest to the screen.
  3. All films are broadcast and can be heard in your car using your FM Radio. If your car is not equipped with a radio, we recommended bringing one. You cannot tune into the signal with a smartphone. The frequency will be given to you at check-in. Films are also shown with Open Captions. There are no loudspeakers.
  4. LIMIT YOUR ENGINE IDLING. Because we park cars closely together, your engine exhaust will affect the safety of others. You may start your engine periodically to keep the battery fresh, but for no more than one minute.
  5. In the event of a rain forecast, we may announce an event cancellation by 1:00pm on the day of the event. Your ticket may be used for the rescheduled rain date, to be announced.
  6. In the event of rain during the movie, please shelter in your car. Cars will not be allowed to exit the lot until it is safe to do so, and only under the direction of Drive-In staff.
    1. Once parked, you must stay in your car. All audience members must always stay inside the vehicle . There is no picnicking on the grounds, nor on your car’s roof, hood, truck, or truck’s bed.
    2. Your vehicle’s left side windows may be opened fully. The right windows may be cracked no more than 2” to allow for better airflow.
    3. You must remove any trash you bring in or create during the film. There are no public waste receptacles available.
    4. When outside your vehicle, please be respectful of others’ space. We highly recommend staying at least 6’ away from others and encourage wearing a face covering.
  8. RESTROOM ACCESS: Green Latrine ADA Unit and Handwashing Station available at Chevy's Restaurant Entrance
    1. Please return to your vehicle using proper social distancing protocols.




  • Saturday, September 19, 2020 | 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Lynnwood Square Parking Lot, 19800 44th Ave W, Lynnwood 98036  View Map

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