Hey Middle Schoolers!  Mark your calendars and tell your friends because this private middle school swim night is for you!  Swim in the pool, eat tasty snacks and hang out with friends!  Nightwaves is an Edmonds School District event only!  Pre-registration is required.

Nightwaves Expectations:

  • Students must bring a current Edmonds School District ID or be able to login to their school's software program (Skyward) to show which school and grade they attend. No screen shots - you must login on site. If they cannot show one of these two items, they will not be allowed into the event.
  • Please bring belongings in a drawstring backpack. This speeds up the process when bags are wanded by the police and allows everyone to get in the building faster. If a normal school backpack is brought, the police have to search each section of the bag.  
  • Police officers are present for these events and will assist with any discipline issues that arise. We also have help from Citizens Patrol to help with traffic flow.
  • To help prevent theft please bring a lock to lock your items in a locker.  If you don’t have a lock you may leave your belongings in our “bag check” room.  They have unlimited access to their belonging but may not carry them around with them. While swimming, if participants choose to use a locker in the locker room, they must bring their own lock or accept risk of stolen items.
  • No weapons, fighting or bullying. If there are issues with behavior, we will contact parents as well as inform school staff of the incident.
  • No alcohol, drugs, vape pens, cigarettes, etc
  • There is no re-entry. If a teen leaves the event they cannot re-enter.  
  • For safety reasons, no members of the public (including parents) are allowed in the building during this event. Parents are welcome to wait between the two sets of doors as they wait for their child to exit. We encourage parents to set up a time and pick up location with their child.
  • If your child requires accommodations or if they require a caregiver to attend this event, please contact Youth and Teen Programs at 425-670-5524, 3 business days in advance so we can determine if the accomodations can be met, and/or a background check completed before the event begins.


Dress Code is strictly enforced which may include (but is not limited to):

  • No short shorts or short skirts (both must be as long as fingers with hands at side)
  • No underwear showing (boxers or bra straps)
  • No spaghetti strap tops, no tube tops
  • No gang apparel or clothing with inappropriate language or images
  • No baggy pants
  • No chains hanging from pants

For specific questions please contact Youth/Teen programs at 425-670-5524. If you call the day of the event you will not be able to reach teen programs.