Picnic Shelter Rentals

North Lynnwood Park

Looking for a place to gather, celebrate or play? Look here to gather information and inquire about a swimming pool, birthday party, gym, or athletic field rental.

COVID-19 Update

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to process any park rental requests until Snohomish County enters Phase 3. We will be unable to process pool and room rentals until Phase 4. At that time we will begin to go through the rental requests based on date and time the request was submitted.


Picnic Shelters

Step 1.Do I need to reserve a picnic shelter or park facility?

  • General use of parks do not require a park shelter reservation
  • Outdoor park facilities can be reserved for private functions

Step 2.Where can I reserve a picnic shelter or park facility?

  • Heritage Park Plaza (uncovered)
  • Lynndale Park (3 covered shelters and 1 ampitheater)
  • North Lynnwood Park (2 covered shelters)
  • Meadowdale Neighborhood Park (1 Shelter)
  • Wilcox Park (1 shelter, 1 gazebo)

Step 3.How do I find out about availability?

Tell us what your needs are.

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