Planning Commission

City Planning Staff talking to community member at Fair on 44th


The Planning Commission is an advisory body appointed by the City Council. The Commission is responsible for making decisions on issues relating to development and land use within the City of Lynnwood. 

The public is invited to attend and to participate in any meeting of the Planning Commission. Parking and meeting facilities are available to persons with disabilities. Upon reasonable notice to Lynnwood Development & Business Services at 20816 44th Ave W, Suite 230, or to the Planning Manager by phone at 425 670-5410, the City will make a reasonable effort to accommodate those who need special assistance to attend a meeting.

Position # Member Term Expires
Position #1 Sue Phillips  12/31/2024
Position #2 Matthew Cail  12/31/2025
Position #3 Naz Lashgari  12/31/2025
Position #4 Robert Leutwyler 12/31/2026
Position #5 Patrick Robinson 12/31/2027
Position #6 Vacant 12/31/2027
Position #7 Bob Larsen    12/31/2024
Council Liaison    David Parshall
Council Liaison Alt.  Julieta Altamirano-Crosby  

The Commission consists of seven members who are appointed to serve four-year terms. Members must live within Lynnwood City limits and be a registered voter.