Lynnwood Community Justice Center Project

The City of Lynnwood is renovating and expanding the current Civic Justice Center to re-imagine it into a Community Justice Center.

The Lynnwood Community Justice Center includes a police department, state-of-the-art misdemeanor jailing facility, and the Municipal Court. This facility strives to provide a safe and supportive environment for justice-involved community members to break the cycle of recidivism. This is achieved through professional custodial supervision and improving access to medical and social services in partnership with community providers. By improving care and access to resources, the CJC removes barriers and provides support for those in our care and custody, promoting an environment of evidence-based healing and rehabilitation.

Project Background

This innovative project brings rehabilitative services and options to address and reduce the underlying causes of recidivism. By providing this additional support, the goal is to provide a path out of the criminal justice system. This project is specifically programmed around increased community access and involvement, and alternatives to the traditional criminal justice system, while maintaining effective levels of community safety in our growing city. 

Identified Limitations 

Over the last 24 years, three space needs examinations have been completed of the current police department – occurring in 1999, 2004 and 2009.  All three of these studies concluded that the current police facility lacks appropriate space and functionality.  Recognizing the demands and expectations of law enforcement continue to increase – infrastructure must meet those demands. 

Community Collaboration Opportunities

We are committed to providing compassionate care and housing for every individual in the current detention facility.  We also believe we are ethically obligated to improve the current cycle of incarceration of many of our justice involved community members and provide opportunities for individuals to successfully leave the criminal justice system.  The new facility will provide the space needed in order to provide for the programming and continuity of care options our justice-involved community members.   

Project Funding

The funding for this project is based upon re-allocation of existing criminal justice expenses with no new taxes or other new cost burden being asked of our community. Additionally, there are no impacts to other department service levels. This is an opportunity to reduce costs moving forward, while improving the provision of professional and compassionate services to our entire community, with the ultimate goal of making Lynnwood safe and welcoming for all.

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Key Points 

  • Project Budget - 64 million dollars
    • 60 million - future bond (non-voted debt)
    • 4 million - existing Criminal Justice Sales Tax
  • No new taxes
  • No service reductions from City programs
  • Considerations of building in the current economy
    • Excellent interest rates
    • Competitive construction market
    • Short-term and long-term budgetary savings
    • 2021-22 Budget includes savings related to project
    • Future contract jail cost savings will mean increased budget savings over time                                         
  • Debt Repayment
    • Re-allocation of existing contract jail housing expenses
    • Re-allocation of lease expenses for evidence facility
    • Use of existing Criminal Justice Sales Tax
    • Generation on contract housing revenue from the jail

Project Videos


An introduction to the Lynnwood Community Justice Center Project:


In this video we highlight some of the current challenges in the Lynnwood Jail.  We also hear from our community partners about the link between medical, mental health and law enforcement services:


In this video former Chief of Police Jim Nelson and Brett Hanson with Mackenzie talk about the design process:




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