Animal Control

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The Animal Control Unit is part of the Lynnwood Police Department. The Animal Control Unit is actively providing services to the residents of the City of Lynnwood. Our Animal Control Officer regulates, educates and enforces situations involving animal behavior, care and licensing.

Please verify your location is in our service area by using the Do I Live in Lynnwood Map. Simply enter your complete location address in the map search box to find out if you live within Lynnwood City Limits.

If you live outside of the City limited, please contact Snohomish County Animal Control for any animal control related questions.

Identifying Tags Required. All dogs and cats over the age of six months within the city limits must have attached or affixed to the animal an identifying tag except:

  • Dogs and cats whose owners are nonresidents temporarily within the city;
  • Dogs and cats brought into the city for the purpose of participating in shows, exhibits, or competitions; and
  • Dogs and cats kept and intended for sale by licensed pet stores; and homeless or feral animals.

The animal’s owner shall affix to the animal a tag that at a minimum contains the address where the animal’s owner resides and a telephone number where the owner of the animal may be contacted. Additional information may be placed on the tag but is not mandatory.

Residents who find a lost or abandoned animal or have an animal to surrender within the city limits of Lynnwood can take it directly to the Everett Animal Shelter, located at 333 Smith Island Road in Everett, or they can call 911 to contact the Lynnwood Police Department’s animal control officer, who may be able to locate a microchip on the animal and return it to the owner.

Lynnwood residents who lose a pet can retrieve it from the shelter, be mindful that a redemption fee will be paid at the shelter.

Everett Animal Shelter

To find out more information on our updated animal control regulations within the City of Lynnwood, please visit the Lynnwood Municipal Code.