Car Care

Photo of oil sheen on pavement

The Leaky Problem 

Oil that leaks from our cars onto roads and driveways is washed into storm drains, and then flows directly to a lake, stream, river, and eventually into Puget Sound. Oil and other car fluids are toxic to humans and wildlife and stay in the environment for a long time. Used motor oil is the largest single source of oil pollution in our lakes, streams and rivers.

How can you help? 
  • Regular car maintenance.
  • Check for oil leaks and fix them!
  • Place cloths, drip pans, or cardboard underneath your car when you are doing engine work.
  • If you do have a spill, clean it up quickly!
  • Store extra oil in containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Dispose of used motor oil at a legal recycling site like an auto supply store or a recycling center.


Vehicle Washing

Washing your car at home dumps oil, brake pad dust, and soap into storm drains, local waterways, and ultimately Puget Sound. Don't dirty our environment while cleaning your car! 

How can you help?
  • Use a commercial car wash - they capture and treat wash water runoff. 
  • Wash your vehicle on grass or a landscaped area. This will allow the water to soak in and allow the dirt to break down harmful pollutants. 
  • Dispose of your leftover soapy water in the sanitary sewer (down your toilet or sink).
  • Make sure your water is not running while you are not using the hose. 
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