Stormwater Education

Students learning about salmon

Calling all Lynnwood K-12 educators! We have some great ways to teach students about salmon, water quality, and how our actions on land affect our salmon, orca whales, and all other life.

At home science curriculums 

Nature Vision has developed four science packets for K-12 students: Ecosystems, Watersheds, Humans & Water, and Ecological Impacts.

Each free downloadable packet includes the following:
1. Teacher Overview
2. Parent/Caregiver Overview
3. Daily Student Science Lessons

 Learn Now! 

Salmon in the classroom

Raise salmon in your own classroom! Receive fertilized Coho salmon eggs and raise them until they are ready to be released into the wild. Visit our hatchery for a field trip to release your own fish and see the process at a larger scale. Classroom presentations are also available. 

Salmon release field trip

Can’t raise your own fish in the classroom? Don’t worry, the city has plenty of fish for your students to release! Visit the city of Lynnwood’s hatchery and environmental education center to learn about water quality, native plants, the salmon life cycle, and get a chance to release a salmon into the wild!

Classroom presentations

The City of Lynnwood partners with Nature Vision to offer a wide range of programs including nature in the classroom, habitat connections, and watershed programs.

Contact us for more information at or 425-670-5245.